Need Your Opinion!!

  1. Ok ladies, I need your opinions. I got a call from my local Coach store about the PCE event, and I also got the card in the mail. However, I want a few legacy items that my local store does not carry. The store in the city is a flagship store and does carry the legacy line, and also has all the items I am interested in getting. When I called my local store, they said that some of the items they won't be able to order anymore (which I totally don't understand since the store in the city has close to 20 of each item in stock - so why can't they order it from that store?) :shrugs:

    So, should I just take my PCE coupon to the store in the city that didn't call me (not my usual SA or store I shop at), and get the items I want, or should I only be getting the items from my local store that called me about the PCE in the first place? My concern is that they won't be able to order the items I want. :sad: I am also ULTRA picky, and would rather see the bag I'm buying instead of getting it in the mail and finding too many scratches, or something wrong with it.

    What do you ladies/SAs think? Thank you in advance! :yes:
  2. I would say go to the store that has what you need.
  3. I would go to the store that has what you want.
  4. Same as what they have said. :yes: