Need your opinion...

  1. OK I'm insane..I must be losing it b/c lately I like everything I this hormonal? I saw this am and love it..:drool: Keep in mind I have Jill's gauffre on it's way....:push: Hoping to LOVE it as the Miu Miu din't work out for me...Lately I feel like I'm in a candy store...Double handles/convertable strapped bags are my fav..and finally there's a lot of them to choose from.....The size appeals to me..the look..the versatility...I really don't think this would be too hard to maintain what do you think? Padparasha I'm crazy right?!?! Someone tell me I'm normal..OK enablers:

    Prada handbags and purses

    If I end up getting both of these bags..Noone tell me if they see the MJ tapioca large mp anywhere..please.It will be NO MORE bags until NY in fall!!!:graucho: I think I can do it....:graucho:
  2. Sorry Emmy, I can't enable you on this one! Oh it's seriously cute but I have issues about paying nearly $1400 for NYLON and leather. You can get a really nice all leather bag for that, even a Prada! :yes:
  3. Im not in love with it in the nylon either.I have(Look in my bag showcase)a similiar bag in ALL leather that I adore ..also a black bag.I prefer the all leather to this nylon one.This nylon doesnt WOW me.
    PS-congrats on gauffre!!!!!!!!LOVES!
  4. Love your bag..But I need the 2-handles/straps.....I'll keep looking...I don't know what it is but I do like that bag...Thanx for your comments!
  5. It's a great shape but I would baulk at paying all that unless it were absolutely gorgeous leather. There are similar styles in leather, I'm sure I've seen them.
  6. Hi Emmy,

    I agree with PradaPsycho. I wouldn't pay all that $$ for fabric. If you want a Prada to love forever go with the all-leather. You're going to love the Gauffre. Right now you're just having bag withdrawals until your little Gauffre arrives... Once you receive that one you'll be ok. :heart: You're going to just die at the feel of the leather!!!

    In the meantime we'll all support you, because we understand! :p

    so post away with all the bags you're *thinking* about and we'll give you the yay or nay sign!! Also... where oh where is a picture of this MJ tapioca?? I still don't know what it looks like. Do post a pic.:rolleyes:
  7. ^ I know I've been meaning to post a pic....You guys crack me up...Now I want TWO light, one dark...The gauffre, and this one! I don't really want another black leather bag ....I thought the one I posted would be light weight and hold up good enough..Boating season is around the corner..need to start thinking about these things..Def need hands free....I'll pm you the pick after I exhaust myself looking at handbags...!:heart:
  8. I really love the gauffre--I've been drooling over that one too--EXCELLENT CHOICE!

    I have to agree with everyone who said they weren't crazy about the nylon. That's just my opinion. It's a great looking bag.

  9. Don't worry I'll post picks as soon as I get it! I just hope it's not too big for me...The Miu Miu was perfect size...Wish there was a # to call to customize the design of bags we want! ..this one's too big..this one's too small...this one doesn't come in the color I's exhausting and my husband thinks I've lost it!
  10. I like this style alot, but I don't like this leather/nylon combination.
    Saw this style in the all leather version (sheepskin), the leather is beyond luxurious. Among the ones you mentioned, blush Gauffre is my favorite; don't get Tapioca MP.

  11. Hi Emmy - this is a lovely bag, buts its not worth the price in fabric! Try the washed leather as an option that also has this size and similar style as an option. I also like prada too, but can never justify spending so much on nylon or fabric, when you can get a full leather with another top designer.

  12. ^Thanx beani...Already decided against it...patiently waiting for new bags to come out...I am going to get a black one..I just haven't found it yet!!! :graucho: