Need your opinion: Prada Tessuto Chain Bag

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  1. #1 Mar 19, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2020
    Last year Purseblog presented the new Prada Tessuto Chain Bag:

    I liked it, because it was kind of unexpected: a typical luxury leather flap bag, but made of nylon.

    However, I didn't want to buy it, because of the gold chain (i'm a cool skinned girl and I only wear silver jewellery), so the bag wasn't for me.

    Now during the sale (~1000€ instead of 1350€), I spotted the bag with black hardware and ordered it. I thought it could be a good carefree bag, that doesn't grab too much attention at work.

    I got it today, but I'm not sure if I should keep it. The craftmenship doesn't impress me. It has some stains, the inside seam of the pocket is wonky and I'm not sure what I think about the edges. But I still kind of love the modern twist. My husband made fun of the bag: "It looks like a toiletry bag, because of the shape and material!"

    I am wondering after the release of the reissue bag and all the positive hype, what do you think about this bag? Would you prefer the reissue bag?

    I took a look on the reissue bag in store, and the craftmenship seemed good. And the reissue bag with leather handle is around 600€, so much cheaper than the chain bag. But the zipper is kind of hard to open, I guess because of the shape...

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  2. If you don't like it, I really don't think you should keep it. The only purpose of a handbag at this pricepoint is to bring you joy. Does this one do that?

    I personally would choose the Re-issue, if you really want a nylon bag.

    By the way, you have an awesome collection! Would you mind sharing your opinion on the quality and overall usability of the GV3? I've been a little obsessed with it lately.
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  3. You know your answer already. The stitching under the zipper is not ok for a €1000 bag. Buy re- edition one. But I prefer the fabric strap one. Much cheaper and care-free. I saw a lot reviews on YouTube. Not many girls mention about the zipper though.
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  4. Thank you :smile: The GV3 is a beautiful and elegant bag, but in my opinion has not the best usability. It's hard to close the bag because of the accordian shape, the clasp and the chain. It really annoys me, when I shop... To close it, I always need both of my hands and sometimes I even pull up my leg to "put" the bag on it. Not very elegant But I love the leather, it seems really sturdy and scratch-resistant.
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  5. Thank you! Yes, when I first saw the GV3 I thought that while the chain in the front looks great, it won't be helping with the bag's user-friendliness.