Need your opinion please

  1. What do you think of the moss green. I was originally wanting the Turnlock Bowler in dark brown, but now I am thinking I might like the moss green for something a little different. If you have seen it in real life, what do you think of the color?
  2. I saw Moss Green in real life, it's a color that can be worn with many outfits. I never like Green for myself though, I definitely choose Black or Dark Brown over it.
  3. I ordered it. I want something different than just black or brown. Hopefully I like it.
  4. ^ I would describe it as military green. Color and style really depend on each person's preference. I hope you will like it when it comes. =)
  5. Ohh moss green sounds interesting! definitely post pics when it arrives, I'm intrigued =)
  6. I will post pics for y'all!
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