Need your opinion on this Marc Jacobs purse please


Feb 4, 2006


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I don't know why... but I like it! It's weird because I don't like that leather color and style on the Stam at all, but in this style, it looks to work very well!

On a separate note though, if you don't love it, then I wouldn't keep it. Don't try to force yourself to love the bag, because like any relationship, it rarely happens. But if you think there may be a chance that you will grow to appreciate it and money is not an issue, then I would keep it. If not, there are many other bags there that need a loving home! :biggrin:
It's very cute, but I agree with other people that if you are unsure, you should probably take it back. It's a lot of money (around $795, right), and you can definitely get something better or more functional.