need your opinion on this key holder

  1. I was just about to order an epi mandarin 4 key holder from elux. I love the mandarin color and wanted to get something small before its totally gone. But I was a little unsure how it would wear using it everyday with my keys. Anyone have this and can give me some info...thanks ;)
  2. I want that one too. It is soooo pretty!
  3. What a pretty choice...can't help you w/the wear though as I have no epi.
  4. I don't have the epi but I have the mono 4 key holder and it is great!
  5. Mandarin is such a pretty colour! :yes:
  6. I'd get's such a pretty color!
  7. I have the six key mandarin holder. It wears well as I carry it in my pocket on a daily basis. The only negative is that the inside is getting dirty from the keys rubbing on the interior, but this probably happens with all key holders. By the way, I purchased mine last September so I've had it for five months.