Need your opinion on these Louboutins

  1. hottttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wow, just wow. Those are scorching hot!
  3. I think they're hot too, but just needed to check since I don't usually like sequins.

    I only like the nude ones tho.
  4. I really like the nude ones. :tup:
  5. Go for it! They are gorgeous!
  6. Thanks for the feedback!

    35 views and just 4 responses. Are the rest no's?
  7. I vote no - too crazy expensive! I can't see spending that much on shoes. Bags, yes, but not shoes. If money were no object, I'd still say no because I just am not that fond of the style. I wear Danskos most of the time, though, so take my opinion w/a grain of salt. ;)
  8. The NM website is "unavailable." What brand and style of shoes are they? Can you post a pic instead?

  9. ^^They're Sequined Prives (very), one in black & the other in nude.

    I'm not sure how I feel about these just yet. My first reaction is nay, only because I like his glitters better...but, who knows, they may grow on me after a while.
  10. I like the nude pair alot
  11. Their nice...but i dont think i would pay $1k for them
  12. they are ok but not for 1k
  13. I like the nude ones way more than the glitters. they are gorgeous
  14. I saw these too, and thought about getting them in the nude, but then I was worried about the sequins falling off and/or snagging on things. And, the 1K also deterred me. LOL I think they are gorgeous though!
    CL Sequin.jpg