Need your opinion on the CL Mad Mary

  1. So I recently bought two pairs of the CL Mad Mary Mary Janes and I know that I can't keep both pairs, so I would like your input on which pair should be returned. I originally fell in love with the ivory patent leather with gold spikes when I saw a photo of them, but since the grey suede with chrome spikes were available first, I went ahead and purchased those. I think that the ivory patent are very much 'notice me' shoes because of the gold shoes, but I still can't decide if that is a good thing on this style. Any opinions on which I should keep and which should go back? Here are the ivory patent.
  2. And this is the grey suede.
  3. if u have to choose one then i say keep the ivory patent cuz those are HOTTT! but if u can keep both go for it.
  4. go with Ivory. Light colour patent is so hot lol
  5. I would keep the ivory patent. They look fab!
  6. I love both so I'm of no help. LOL
  7. I like them both. But if I had to pick one it would be the ivory, simply because I just have too much black/dark shoes.
  8. Ivory patent will show every scuff. I wouldn't invest in them unless you wear them very infrequently.
  9. I think they are sassy! Another vote for ivory.
  10. The Ivory pair are TDF!
  11. I'm no help either because I love both. After reading your post but before looking at your pix I thought gray was the keeper for sure because this type of studded shoe calls for a dark color. Plus gray is hot for fall/winter. Then I saw the ivory shoe. I LOVE them. They look hot. The only problem is pairing them with dark clothing/tights etc.
    Then I saw the pix of the gray and was back to my original belief that the studs call for a dark shoe. But suede is hard to leep looking nice.

    Tough call Kamilla. I think I'm leaning toward the ivory since they are unexpected and totally hot. I also think the suede would look worn out too soon. Whatever your choice, you cannot go wrong. They are both awesome.
  12. I like them both but if you have to choose I'd keep the ivory.
  13. Im sooo no help!!! I would keep them both and cry when the bill comes in. haha....they are beyond hot! The ivory ones are more eye popping, but the grey are sooo slick. I love them both!!!!
  14. Not a fan of the Mad Mary style, although I prefer the ivory patent. I think that color tones down the "goth" look of the spikes.
  15. Ivory Patent...they look better on you.