need your opinion on the cartier trinity cord bracelet

  1. i just got the bracelet today and now change it to a necklace, i would like to have your opinion on what look better, on a chain or on the cord? on the watch side or on the right ? also please post pic on how you wear it. thank you :smile:
    IMG-20120615-01950.jpg IMG-20120615-01948.jpg IMG-20120615-01938.jpg
  2. I like it as a bracelet. I wear it stacked and I think it helps make a bracelet stack look less formal and breaks up the look of gold on gold or metal etc...softens the look :biggrin:
  3. will you please post some stacking pic?
  4. I love the bracelet! i'm planning on getting one soon:smile:
  5. I absolutely love this look . I do the same with my cartier love charity bracelet , I was considering purchasing the trinity to help with mixing metals as candice says
  6. I prefer as a bracelet.
  7. Beachy gorgeous bracelet and watch look great together
  8. I prefer it as a bracelet, and I like every picture you posted! Looks great with everything!
  9. Love!!!
  10. I have a question...are the rings round or oval?
  11. Mine looks more oval to me I think ?
  12. Mines a charity love not trinity
  13. as you wish ;)
    cartier blue.jpg
  14. thank you all!!! please post more pictures if you can!! am still debating.
  15. thank you!