Need your opinion on Speedy 25 Mono!


Sep 1, 2020
Hi everyone, I need your opinion please.
I want to save money and copy most youtuber by buying preloved LV and hoping to turn them into a nice looking one. This is my very first time doing this. So, I recently brought a vintage speedy 25 monogram on Facebook marketplace for very good money. The seller mentioned a small stain inside the bag but other than that everything else is okay. I reviewed the pictures too but I didn't see it at that time because I was just so excited. Well, once I received the bag, on 1 side of the canvas is damaged (see pictures). I contacted the seller, she will willing to refund me 1/2 of my money, which am okay and willing to keep the bag.
My questions are:
1. Do you think LV will replace all the vachetta for this bag? Do you think it worth it to replace all the vachetta?
2. Should I try to look for another speedy with good canvas instead?
3. Should I just save money and buy a brand new one from LV?

What would you do if you are me? Thanks,


May 4, 2010
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Personally, I would just continue saving and buy new. Why do you want to refurbish an older bag?? If it's to save money, the savings may not be that much after you replace all the vachetta. Also I can't really see the damage on the canvas you are talking about, but remember any rips in the canvas will not be repaired by LV. So although the bag may be ok now, it ay become damaged beyond repair in the future.
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Jul 5, 2007
the canvas has a melted waxy look to it. Like maybe it laid on top of something hot for just a minute. I am not sure LV would replace the vachetta on the damaged canvas?? It seems like they wouldn't want to take the responsibility of it lasting like it would if the canvas wasn't damaged.


Sep 1, 2020
yes there is a melted waxy look but no cracks, no rip and no hole. I guess I will bring to LV to see what they say. Worse case is they turn me down right? I will save money to buy new then. Thanks all for input.