Need your opinion on my next purchase

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  1. Each year I try to buy one handbag and one accessory. I purchased my Totally MM this summer (which I love). Next on my list is an accessory. I can not decide between the Milla Clutch MM or the Vernis Small Ring Agenda in either Amarante or Pomme. HELP.... Please let me know what you would choose and why. I give alot of thought to my purchases so that I don't regret it later and your opinions help alot!
  2. What's your accessories collection like? Looking at the 2 choices, I'll say Milla Clutch MM but if you don't have an agenda, then I'll choose the agenda in Pomme.
  3. I think the agenda, unless as Lee said you already have one. Pomme and Amarante are both gorgeous Vernis colours and personally I only got my agenda recently and I have been using it every day, even more than I thought I would, so it's a really great investment. Good luck deciding!
  4. I would get the pomme agenda myself since I just heard that the color is about to be discontinued (:

    But if the only lv you have is the totally, I would say "go with the mila clutch". The clutch is in a higher rank for me comparing to agendas..
  5. ITA!:nuts:
  6. I agree too! I love Pomme, but a clutch is better
  7. clutch! i normally use my iPhone for my scheduling & note needs. ppl still love them but i dont see the appeal of agendas. the clutch is more practical IMHO. good luck deciding!
  8. Milla clutch.
  9. I vote for the Milla clutch so you will have something cute and fun for the evenings.
  10. both
  11. I have both - the Milla and the Agenda - and I have to say I use my Milla way more than I do the agenda. So my vote goes to Milla Clutch.

    Good luck with your decision!
  12. I have 2 millas and use them very often. Imo agendas are passe.
  13. Milla clutch! Much more versatile!
  14. I love the look of clutches, but I know I would never use one, as I like to carry more stuff than it allows. An agenda, on the other hand, is something I will use (can you tell I just bought one? ha.)

    But if you will use a little purse, I think you are getting more for your money with the clutch. Good luck. It's not an easy decision as all of the choices are so pretty!
  15. Milla.