Need your opinion on my first miumiu clutch!

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  1. Hi all can you pls let me know what do you think of this clutch? I'm so desperately wanted to buy it before and it is now back in stock (I was in waiting list) but I'm not too sure now as I haven't seen nor hold this clutch personally and this is my first miu miu purchase. I have 24 hours to decide!!
    Many thanks
  2. Oh I forgot to mention I'm 5 feet 2 tall n medium size.. Not sure if this help. Lol
  3. :tup:

    I like it.
  4. Very cute :smile: I think it is a modate size which can hold your essential items such as phone, folded purse, compact, lippy, etc.
  5. I like it a lot, I was about to buy a smaller version and now I regret it. Go for it!
  6. Very cute clutch!
  7. I like it!
  8. I actually ordered one earlier today..

    I've seen it in the purple/magenta colour and it is the perfect size.

    Def a :tup:
  9. I had it on my wishlist for ages too and bought it straight away when it came back in stock! If it's still available, I would definitely snap it up quick! Can't wait til it arrives.. :yahoo:
  10. Go for it! classic design
  11. Beautiful! I'd probably like a lighter colour, only so that the texture stands out a bit more. :smile:
  12. Thanks all.. I just ordered it online. Can't wait!!!
  13. Congrats, it´s very nice! A good purchase;)
  14. Black is back in stock on NAP again... I wish they had other colors. I saw the mughetto clutch at the Soho store once and regret not buying it then!
  15. I am also on the waiting list but I never got any reply from net-a-porter, get it if you have the chance!!!

    Did net-a-porter email you for the availability? I don't see it on the website since early Oct.....