Need your opinion!!MBMJ Posh Jazz Turnlock Satchel Vs. Tote

  1. Hi all! Please help me decide! What do you all think of these 2 bags? Anybody own it and like it or not? I need a throw around bag which also good for traveling . I kinda like the tote.. but I'm afraid that might be too big for me (I'm petite 5'ft). Please tell me what you think!!
    Never own an MBMJ before, what do you think of their leather quality?[​IMG]
    NMV0150_ag.jpg NMV0151_an.jpg
  2. i prefer the first pic, personally like a horizontal bag more than a vertical one
  3. the leather quality for mbmj is great especially for the price. i like the second bag better. it has an interesting shape, which makes the first bag seem rather boring. don't worry about it being too big. i've seen both irl and they're not humongous or anything. besides, i think the big bag on a small frame look is very chic/modern. let us know what you end up choosing.
  4. thank you for your input Aggie & tadpolenic. I couldn't find the bags IRL anywhere in my area... so I'm not sure how they will fit me. I might go with the second one i think. I'll let you know later!! Thanks again!
  5. I like the first one better. I really like that style and have been considering this one myself in black.
    Either way, I don't think you could go wrong.
    They are both so nice. Let us know which you choose!
    Good luck!
  6. I like the 2nd one. I have an MJ tote that's more N/S like the 2nd one - I'm a small 5 2'. It's 15in high by 12 wide. It seems to balance better being N/S than the E/W do on me.
  7. I like the e/w tote better, less depth means easier to find things inside!