Need Your Opinion Ladies!!!

  1. okay so some of you may know what I' ve been thru this past week so I need your opinion.....I boght this speedy from ebay---yes I know:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: and well after concurring with the experts, the bag indeed is a fake! well I immediately emailed the seller, and asked for my money back before she/ he even sent it, the ba@ta%d emails me a confirmation today of shipment! Now what should I do not accept the package? Accept it and take it to an lv store- will they even authenticate? - gucci doesn't or atleast mine refuses to- do I accept it and file a charge back with my credit card?how does that work? ladies I am so furious----I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ON EBAY-NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE PRICE IS!!!!!ladies, really need your help on this one!LV ADDICT APPRECIATE ALL YOUR ADVICE
  2. well I had a long day in the e.r today so going to bed will check back in 2morrow
  3. Well did you use paypal? And buy from a recommended seller? That could be the problem. I recently bought my first bag from ebay (peach graffiti pochette) from a mypoupette seller who had nothing but excellent feedback from selling LVs. And to be honest, unless you *really* want the Speedy cheaper (and are guaranteed that it's real), it's kind of a waste to buy it on ebay. That is one of the most widely faked styles ever (both multicolore and monogram) and it's still available in stores. I would really only use ebay to buy older discontinued pieces.
    Anyway, the LV store WILL authenticate, and what I would do is accept the package, take it to your store and get a verbal authentication of the bag. Be sure to get the store's phone number and the name of the person doing the authentication and provided that it is in fact fake, email your seller this information. If they still don't respond, take it up with the credit card company and they'll be able to help you. It'd be even better if you'd have done the transaction through paypal since then you'd have the backing of both your CC company and paypal as well. Anyway, if it is indeed fake, I hope you can get your money back.
  4. thanks lv baby doll, yes I did purchase thru paypal, and I will do exactly what you said thanks !
  5. will keep you updated!
  6. Good luck!!!:flowers: