Need your opinion....jumbo flap and MC together?

  1. My husband and I are going out of town tomorrow. I was thinking of travelling with my jumbo flap and carrying my modern chain tote as well. I would be able to fit all those things that do not fit in the jumbo flap. Would that be too much to carry both?
  2. don't think so!and as I've noticed lately carrying 2 Chanels is the latest trend hehe!;)
  3. I'd Carry them :smile:
    I'd behappy I have both of them to carry.
  4. Carry both of them. I actually brought 4 handbags when I went to Vietnam for a one-month vacation over the summer. You will find the need for them.
  5. You can carry both. I've carried both before on travel. I always take a Chanel flap for evening and either a modern chain or birkin for tote purposes.
  6. I always carry a tote and another bag- flap, wallet on a chain etc
  7. That sounds like the perfect combination