Need your opinion...Hobo/Day or City

  1. I want to get on the wait list for the Fall Bbag in Jaune but do not know what style I want. I was thinking about getting it in the Hobo/Day or City. What do you think is better for that color? Never owned a yellow colored bag before ...this is the first bold move for me :smile:.
  2. Tough call. Because it is yellow that's a LOT of yellow in a Day bag, the City may be more useable in terms of what you wear, because it is less leather. If you want bold, then the Day is the way to go : )

    I wish you well,

  3. Thanks for your advice Bridget. That was my concern too. I want something bold but I do not want to go overboard with the yellow.
  4. City!
  5. I'll play devil's advocate and say I think a bright sunny Day would just be lovely! There isn't really that much difference between the size of the Day and the City, is there...?
  6. Good point Cheshire Cat they are about the same when lying flat ...just that the day slouches more when it hangs from your shoulder.
  7. I think the day will be perfect!
  8. I think the day would look fabulous in yellow.
  9. I vote for the day :smile:
  10. I love the Day, and I think it would look amazing in yellow! Just so cheerful and happy!
  11. Day!! That's what I'm going for!
  12. City!!
  13. city
  14. city
  15. I vote for city as well (and this is coming from a member who is about to pre-order Jaune City at LVR) :graucho: