Need your opinion - Gaucho Lmt Ed - KEEP or LET GO?

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    Hello everyone!

    I just got this one but am unsure about it.. so I'd be so so thankful and happy for your honest opinion and help!

    I think I was so tempted to get it as I wanted the pearl white version so badly back then but never got it, so this seemed like the perfect chance for an alternative. Cost me around USD600 in total.

    But now, I don't know, I'm sooo unsure..:sad: it's lovely and it's a beautiful plum colour as well but usually I am more of the white/fair colours loving sort.

    So what do you think? Keep or let go? :help:
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  2.'s a very practical color to me,furthermore, since you love white/fair colors, you possibly don't have much bags in black. and you can use it while you need black bag.

    but if you don't really need it to match your clothes and you don't really like it, then i will say let it go. :smile:

    while i decided to sell my stuff,the most common reasons are
    1) i have backup
    2) i don't really feel pain if i let it go

    hope it helps :smile:
  3. I would keep this. I like the sleek look of the metal strap paired with the soft leather.
  4. keep or sell to me :biggrin: haha
  5. I love this bag and the purchase price was a great bargain too. I'd keep it but if you really can't see yourself using it and it's just sitting around at home you may as well get some money back for it.
  6. I think it's quite a unique bag, a lot of the members who have Gauchos are the usual aged silver hardware kinds and I like having a Gaucho that isn't like anybody elses. I had the medium white Gaucho and the mini gold leather Gaucho and ended up selling my medium white one because I honestly didn't use it that much, whereas my mini gold one, I use it quite a lot because every time I look at it, I smile and I think of outfits especially where it would go well.

    If you look at it and still really like it, it gives you the flutter of excitement, I would keep it, especially given it's limited edition and isn't common. But if you really don't see yourself wearing it and the thought of parting with it doesn't bother you, then sell it
  7. ^:roflmfao:

    I would KEEP it! I will always have a special love/place in my heart for the gaucho! This one in particular is unique and rare. It is a beautiful bag, I would hang on to this beauty! WEAR it and ENJOY!
  8. Quite an unique bag but is it heavy? Anyway I have an off white gaucho bag and i find it heavy n I've hidden it somewhere whereby I won't notice it coz I no longer want to use it n yet I'm lazy to sell....
  9. Thank you for your much appreciated advices, have been thinking quite long about keeping it or not but decided in the end to let it go. Loved the quality and also the colour in the end but the main reason I didn't keep it were other purchases. Maybe another time again who knows:smile: MANY THANKS to everyone!!