Need your opinion - Do you like the medium city in anis (yellow) color?

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  1. Hi everyone. am thinking of purchasing an anis (yellow) medium city...what do u think? is this color too hard to wear?
  2. Out of all of the Bbag colors, it is one of my least favorite. But if you like it get it.
  3. I love it! There is an authentic one on eBay right now, by the way. The seller is a purse forum member and is SO sweet!
  4. Are you looking at the one on eBay listed by one of the members here? :nuts: I love the color, I think it's different and cool :love:
  5. yes i think i'm going to purchase it. i like bright colors....
  6. btw, do u know how fast she gets the bags to you? and how is the condition of her bag? i emailed her but she hasn't replied which i assume is because of the time difference.
  7. Hi. I am thinking of purchasing the Anis (yellow) City but was wondering if anyone owns the color? Is it hard color to carry? Or does it go with everything?
  8. I have a City in Anis, I bought it nearly 2 years ago and have use it a lot. I dress in neutral colors mostly, black, browns, tan ,grey, white the bag gave my outfits a dash of color. I don't like to dress in bright colors so it works fine for me. I don't reccomend wearing it if you 're already wearing other bright colors. The other thing I love about this bag, is the leather is much nicer than the more recent ones...I hope this has helped you a bit...:biggrin:
  9. hi I answered all of your emails already:shame: :amuse: