Need your opinion - Dark White Medium Classic Flap Lambskin/Caviar??

  1. Hi girls, I need your help deciding.

    I ordered the Dark white classic flap in lambskin, but I read so many horror stories on damages on the leather. I am thinking of getting a caviar instead, but I love the feel of lambskin more.

    What do you think? Should I amend my order?
  2. Hm, how do you plan on using it? Would it be an every day bag or just for special occasions? I personally would change it to caviar only because I'd be afraid to damage it. Its gorgeous in caviar too.
  3. It is BEAUTIFUL in caviar, I promise you. And even BLACK lambskin terrifies me- I would NEVER go near a light-colored lambskin bag unless I had lots of $$$$$ to BURN. Either way, a white chanel is beeeyoootiful!
  4. The lambskin is gorgeous but it is difficult to look after.I will vote for caviar:tup:
  5. Oh, looks like i will have to amend to caviar..

    Is it really that hellish to maintain?
  6. Hmmm, tough call! :smile: I love dark white flaps... so elegant and gorgeous!! :heart: I think if you want more of a worry free bag, then go with the caviar! :smile: On the otherhand, if you see yourself using this bag as a special occasion bag, or something to that effect, then maybe lambskin is okay. Personally, I have two light colored bags, and both are in caviar... but that's just because I'm super anal (light colors are more susceptile to dirt and oil stains, etc.) and I'd freak if something happened to my lambskin flap! :sweatdrop: Good luck deciding! :smile:
  7. thanks for your insight..

    i think i will get the caviar one.. though i really like the look of the lambskin..

    It is to be take out on weekends. I am using a 227 reissue for my daily bag.

    Any other comments, anyone?
  8. If you get color transfer on lambskin its really hard to get it out, unlike caviar, which you can wipe down with a baby wipe or some leather conditioner to remove transfer.:woohoo:Make the call. (lol)
  9. Agree with Luccibag 100%! Color transfer from clothing could be a problem if you are carrying a white lambskin bag. I know Chanel can service lamb bags and they clean them up nicely. But that could be a hassle.
    Caviar is the way to go with lighter color bags. They are almost indestructable, and personally I think they look newer even when they are older.
  10. Oh, thank you very much for the detailed info..

    I appreciate it..
  11. caviar:okay:
  12. I had the same problem in deciding whether caviar or lambskin, now I think I'll go for caviar. Thanks a lot, you all.
  13. Caviar is very durable:tup:
  14. Go the Caviar~! I'm a person that gets annoyed if something is not perfect, and I'd hate for you to not love your bag as much once you get color transfer on your LAMBSKIN bag! :tdown:
    Good luck! ;)
  15. Ok, i changed my order to caviar.. I will post pictures when I receive it.

    I didn't get taxed for it..

    How is it when I order Chanel bags from NM? Should I be taxed when I am an overseas buyer?