Need your opinion: Cole Haan

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  1. OK I've been looking at this bag for ever....Never was too sure about it as far as paying $300.00 for it and having it sit around..I'd rather pay $1000.00 for a bag and use it/enjoy it all the time.....But I just love this bag!!..I love the color..the hardware..I think it would look great w/ my black dress coats for work and survive rainy days....It's 30% off today at Bloomies..So what do you think? Thanx!! :heart: Emmy
    cole haan.jpg
  2. buy first, think next. You can always return it.
    If the bag's gone while you're thinking, would you regret?
  3. I like it, but does the shoulder strap come off? I'm not a huge fan of having both shoulder straps and handles at the same time. I'd love it just as a hand-held! The color and material are great!
  4. Yeah I already did :p ...just wanted to see what everyone else thought..I don't know I think I'm regressing back to my childhood!!!..I used to have a red patent leather bag my aunt gave me when I was a little girl..I never got over my mother throwing it out when the strap broke...Wierd, huh? Funny how things pull on your heart strings...Just bought this one and trying snag pics of a miu miu...WTH is up w/ me?? ^ Thanx for your opinion great minds think alike!!! :heart: Emmy

  5. I really like Cole Haan handbags.
    I think you made a wise choice.........
    Post photos when you receive it!!

    PS Ready for 1-2 ft. of more snow tonight!!!
  6. Too funny..that's what I love most about these type of bags..I like the option of carrying it both ways at all times....I love the color too..Thanx!! I've never bought a Cole Haan before though..Although I've heard they are wonderful bags....I don't think I've read one complaint...Does anyone know anything about these bags?
    :heart: Emmy
  7. I really like Cole Haan -- I think they make lots of beautiful and understated bags. Enjoy!!
  8. I didn't end up carrying mine enough because it wasn't "me" enough but it was a wonderful bag. Great leather and held up great. Looked brand new when I sold it and I'm pretty hard on my bags. They are great quality for the money.
  9. i'm getting a cole haan today, too! so go for it!
  10. i'm getting a cole haan today, too! i say get it, bring it home and if you don't love it, then you can always return it!
  11. ^ Which one are you getting? Don't forget to post pics!! :heart: Emmy
  12. Ahhhh now i found your thread! :yes:

    i think it's very cute too!! LOVE the color!! I'm a brick/maroon type gal!!

    hardware looks nice too.

    you do realize you're unconsciously channeling a Stam through this bag right?!?! heh heh
  13. love this bag, good choice, Emmy!!

  14. Ha-ha!! maybe a a JR stam!! The stam is a bit over the top for me...Plus I know how heavy it is and the blake is my maximum!!!! (I start getting neck pain lol if I carry it for more than a few weeks at a joke!!) I love the look of the stam though...Wow..You're good!! :heart: Emmy
  15. HEH! that's what hanging out on the MJ forum will do ;)

    I TOTALLY hear you about the heavy bags though.
    i already have a right shoulder problem so i have to stay away from heavier bags =(

    i really like the stam but it's just too heavy for me. i tried the blake too but again, too heavy... I try to go with the lighter MJs - that really limits the possibilities. but with all the colors to collect....