Need your opinion :) (belt or small wallet?)

  1. Hi girls!
    recently I received a wonderful gift from my grandma!!! Monogram canvas Speedy 25!!! :tender:
    Now I am in doubt if buy a wallet or a belt of the same line.
    Is there anybody of you that has one of those wallets, just to know how they are:
    1) porte-billets cartes credit monnaie
    2) porte-monnaie accordeon
    3) ludlow
    I just need space for coins and papers (money of paper, I don't know how do you call them sorry! :sad:) and maybe some space like the one for credit cards (to put my driving licence for example, 3 or 4 spaces are enough).
    I can spend 200/250 euro, not more, the 1) is maybe a little more expensive. So I'm quite sure about the belt, do you think it's "too much" if I wear at the same time my Speedy and my belt?
    THanks!! :flowers:
  2. i'd rather get a wallet :yes: you can get a lot more use out of it. and it would be a bit overkill to have a matching bag and belt.
  3. The fact is my BF gave me as a gift my actual wallet... it's a black Samsonite wallet but it's very big. I would like also to have something that I can put in the pocket of my jeans... but I am afraid that changing the wallet would be not nice for him, at the same time I think "gosh I have the same wallet since many years"!!
    Or maybe I could buy pochette accessories and put it inside the speedy (do you think there is enough space??? It's the 25 model) and use it also to go out.
  4. What a nice gift! Congrats! I suggest a wallet too but if you already have one, the Pochette Accessoires is a great choice!
  5. oh yes.. you will always use the wallet as they are classic, but the belt is just a bit much and you can always use the wallet with any LV or any other brand.. classic classic... best of luck and please let us know of your decision.... :smile:
  6. I have the monogram belt and really love it. Most of the time, your top comes down long enough to cover it up, so it shouldn't be a problem. I wear it no matter what bag I'm using whether it's vernis or MC since it's mostly covered up. For example, I'm wearing it in my avatar picture but you can't see it since my top comes down pretty far.
    But I ended up getting that after I had my other pieces like my bags and wallets, so I definitely suggest a wallet. I don't suggest the Ludlow though because it's REALLY tiny. If you're going to be using this one a lot, then I suggest one of the billfolds. It has a nice amount of space in it.
  7. Ludlow is great if you are not carrying too much. It can fit some cards and coins but you do have to fold the money to fit it in there. You can also use it as a spare wallet to use with your wallet.
  8. Wallet!!! Congrats on your speedy, dear, and welcome to the forum!:flowers:
  9. Congrats on your new Speedy, alice! :flowers: I think you should buy a wallet. :yes:
  10. Congrats and welcome:wlae: . A wallet would be nice addition.
  11. Go for a wallet. As the others said, the Ludlow doesn't fit much at all. But then you mentioned you want something that can fit in your pocket. I had the same problem before, so I just ended up buying a Key and Change Holder (and it's much cheaper than the wallets and belt). The Key and Change Holder fits a lot... paper money and coins and some cards. Plus you could attach your keys to it :biggrin: It seems much more functional than the wallets. I find them too big or too small, or not enough features. Let us know what you end up with :smile:
  12. [​IMG]Please come & join in the Speedy Club. A Pouchette is the perfect Speedy accessory, won't hurt your BF's feelings & it can double as a purse.
  13. Go for the wallet. I think the belt would be overkill. Congrats on the speedy:smile:
  14. I'm weird. . . I wouldn't wear a belt that wasn't made of leather. :smile: Go for the wallet.
  15. Oooooh!! What is the Speedy club?? :tender::girlsigh::love: