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  1. I need a small crossbody bag to wear when I don't want to carry a full bag. Outings like a baseball game, a quick shopping trip, dinner and a movie, etc.

    My regular bags aren't big - the Siena pm and the Pochette Metis. I use a zcp as a wallet and the minimum I need to carry is the zcp, lipgloss, keys and iphone 6. I usually carry 2 phones (one for work and one personal) but not always.

    I have been going back and forth on which bag to get. I ordered the Favorite mm and sent it back, as the magnet was too weak to stay closed and I didn't think it was worth $1k.

    I'm now looking at the Eva in DE (probably pre-loved) and the pochette accessories in DE (probably new). I don't need anything really dressy and don't care about a gold chain option. They seem to hold about the same amount.

    The Eva is pretty, but I don't care about the gold chain and I know the gold plate on the front is large and will get scratched up. The strap may be a little long on me (I'm 5'2"ish). But I could use my Siena strap.

    The pochette is more casual and I can use my siena strap with it as a crossbody option without having to buy an extra strap. But it's kinda plain. Bonus is no plate to get scratched.

    Which should I get??
  2. I'm very new to LV and got my first bag for Christmas. It is a Pochette in DE. I carry my zcp, a card case, car key and iPhone 6 with no issues at all. I did purchase a cross body strap.
    I absolutely love it. It holds quite a bit and in the DE I wear it everywhere.
    The Favorite and Eva didn't quite work for me even though I like how they looked.
    Good luck!!
  3. I think Pochette de would meet your needs. It is one of my most used bags. I also own the Eva Clutch in de but find it a bit dressy to use casually.
  4. i had the same issue - eva or pochette - and went with pochette. i wanted complete control over my chain/strap options and i like the shape of the pochette more than the eva ; the items i carry go in better somehow and it just looks less formal. the pochette is softer on your wallet, too. maybe decide based on look - the outside shape is obviously different and you might just prefer one look to the other. personally, i'd opt for a pochette b/c you can always add your own elegant chain for something more dressy
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  5. What about a Pallas Clutch?
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  6. How about the mabillion? It's a great little crossbody. There's a good YouTube video on the bag if u want more info. I love mine.
  7. Thank you all! I think the pochette is going to be my best bet. I watched a youtube video comparing the 2 and I really like the pochette. It's very casual - and so am I. :smile:

    I did look at other crossbody options but really don't want to spend a lot on this, as it'll be a less frequently used item. Thanks again!
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  8. I have exactly the same items as your minimum (iphone 6, ZCP, keys in a key pouch and lip gloss. Work phone is iPhone 5).

    I bought the pallas clutch and love it, but it won't hold my work phone with the other items in it.

    I will probably soon buy the pochette accessoaries in DE as well since I want a more casual and slightly bigger crossbody bag (will use strap from pallas clutch).
  9. I have the Eva in DE and I find her perfect for casual wear. I wear jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers or plaid shirt with brown boots and she always goes with anything I wear. I carry a cles, my origami wallet, Samsung Galaxy s7, keys separate, card holder, lip balm and when I travel my passport and my boyfriends passport will also fit!

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  10. I think Pochette nm only because it's a little deeper than Eva. I had the Eva and while she was beautiful I thought more for fit in my pochette because of the depth. Just my opinion - many girls love the Eva... It just wasn't for me. Good luck with your decision!
  11. I have an Eva, I find this a little cramped with a compact zippy wallet, iPhone 6 plus and keys.
    I was thinking of getting the Felicie Chain Wallet. It does have a chain but it has an insert for credit cards and a small zippered pocket. Kind of like getting a 3 in 1. Good luck deciding. Let us know what you get!
  12. I have the Eva and NF pochette (this pochette is basically an evil ignored sister of the regular pochettes, I don't even know why LV sells this because only paper fits inside!), and I can sense by the tone in your thread that this buy needs to be a practical, casual, low maintaince one.

    The Eva is none of those! Eva can't fit as much, is dressy with its plate, and you'll need to take care that the plate doesn't get scratched, so I would vote for the regular pochette for you.
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  13. I think the Pochette Accessories in DE would be perfect for what you describe! It's a very chic little grab and go option, and with a long strap for cross body option, it's even more versatile.
  14. It sounds like the de pochette would fit your needs. As you mentioned you could use a strap from another bag you already own to use cross body since you don't care for a gold chain. With the money you've saved, you could add a cute bag charm (LV, Laduree, Coach, pompon, etc.) on days when it feels a little plain.
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  15. I have the old model Pochette in DE. I think it is super handy. It holds my iPhone 6, Cles, glasses and a small make up pouch. I added a little gold chain to dress it up and wear it crossbody. I love it. The DE is a little dressier looking to me than Mono but it's still casual and completely worry free.