Food Need your input... Thoughts on Viking Ranges???


Aug 29, 2007

Please share your thoughts on Viking Ranges. I love the look of the 48" Viking range with dual ovens. Aside from the look, it has what i'm looking for, I want a "standard" i turn the knob to the temp. oven. I'm not into the electronic, push one button and it bakes a turkey or cookies kind of a girl.

I've googled and it seems people are grumbling about parts and what not. Just wanted to see if any of one here like their Viking Range.



Mrs. Lawson <3
Jul 21, 2008
My parents don't have a Viking, but they have something similar, a Blue Star Range. They renovated their entire kitchen, and replaced the old oven/range. A lot of people prefer the Blue Star over the Viking, and also the Wolf. I'm not sure if Blue Star has the double oven option, but you can pick out ANY color you want for it. My parents got a dark blue and it looks amazing in the kitchen.

Sorry I'm not being a good help on the Viking!

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
DH and I are almost at the end of getting a home built and we got to choose from several different appliance packages with one being Viking. Unfortunately they didn't have Wolf as a choice! We liked the look of the Viking pieces but thought the fridge was GIGANTIC in an obtrusive kind of way. Upon further research we learned that the Viking range isn't Energy Star Efficient...or something like that. DH found something about it on Consumer Reports and so that made us change our minds. Definitely check out Consumer Reports when you're looking for appliances or any other major purchases. It's a great resource!

Hopefully someone with a Viking range can chime in here!
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Aug 20, 2006
i recently had to replace my oven and my neighbor, a gourmet cook, wanted me to get a viking or a wolf. i, however, am NOT a gourmet cook and an oven like that would be wasted on me. She thinks the Viking and Wolf are the way to go- and she would know. she could run a restaurant out of her house her food is so good. i throw microwaved burnt popcorn out my door on a fairly regular basis. gl!


Treat Yo Self!
I don't have any experience with Viking ranges. My parents have a Wolf range. They are a little more expensive than Viking, but I think the money is well worth it for the quality. I have cooked on it many times and it is amazing. You might want to do some research on them in comparison to Viking to see which one is more reliable and suits your needs better.


Jan 24, 2007
i don't have a viking but i do have a thermidore with a grill and backdraft which i love. my girlfriend redid her kitchen and bought an electrolux range - mistake! stay away from them. hope someone can help you. i know what you mean about the double ovens. i have one that has computer type buttons which is self cleaning but i can't stand it so i use the other one with the dials which i have to clean myself. go figure!