Need your input please =)

  1. Hi guys.:smile: Ok, I have an interested buyer for one of my bags asking me to put $40 used tote on the customs form when she buys it. Would you do that? The bag is almost $2000 and if it should get lost or damaged in the mail, wouldn't I be liable if I low balled the price on the customs form? Thoughts?? TIA :heart:
  2. I wouldn't for that particular item since it is so valuable. Plus you don't know if this buyer might be trying to scam you in some way. You want to cover yourself.
  3. i wouldn't either. she could claim something happened and want the rest of her money back.
  4. Yes, it is breaking the law. But a lot of people do it just as a lot of people drive past the speed limit which is also against the law. I don't under declare on customs because then I can't insure for the fianl auction price because they need to match. If I were to declare a $200 as $40 but insure it for $200, then it will get impounded by customs. What happens after that, I'm not sure.
  5. true... i mean the buyer has 100% feedback, she's been on eBay since 1998 but still, if something were to happen i need to cover myself.. she says it's because customs will charge her a hefty fee to get the bag.. i just don't feel good about lying on a government form..

    another buyer asked me to put gift - is that any better? thanks guys!
  6. For this high price item, you have to ship it with insurance and tracking. Thus, how could you declare lower value since the full value needs to be insured. You need to protect yourself. I heard PayPal only confirms a few foreign countries addresses. Is her address confirmed? For high price items, I always indicate I don't ship overseas, including Canada. It is too risky!