Need your input for my trip

  1. Ladies i have a dilemma (what else is new hehe): :p
    I will be going on vacation from 10/3 till 10/31. I want to carry only one bag with me in the plane and I don't want to carry my Sandstone because it is a light color bag and i don't want to mess it up. So i love the Steel and as many of you know i got the GSH Steel PT today.:drool: Now i am thinking that may be i should have ordered the Work size instead doh. :push:Why do i think of every thing afterwards?:cursing: What do you all think? should i go for the Work? BalNY won't exchange the PT for me even though they are the same boutique. :cursing:Does it worth the hassle to send the PT back and get the Work?
  2. I'm assuming that the PT would serve as your purse carry-on and you'd have another bag/carry-on for your clothes and stuff?

    If that's the case, I think the PT would fit everything you need it to fit as a purse carry-on. You don't want to also stick yourself with a Work bag just because right now a Work would be more useful because of its size. I'm thinking that you like the PT size because it fits your everyday lifestyle, that's why you bought it in the first place, right?

    With that said, I don't really think it's worth it to send it back for a Work. And the bag that Nathalie picked for you is so stunning and the leather is so wonderful that I wouldn't risk possibly getting a bag that might not be as beautiful leather-wise.
  3. I think the Part Time is perfect if you'll be using it on a daily basis...I mean, do you carry that much? You don't want to be stuck with a Work and find it cumbersome later on.

    *Most retail stores don't allow exchanges between boutiques from two different countries (I think it has something to do with customs, etc).
  4. love the Sandstone!:p But if you are worried about ickies, the darker part time would be a better choice.
  5. i have a couple of gh part times and find that they hold a ton!!! i have only one gh work and sometimes i miss the long shoulder strap of the part time that i can hoist across me when i have my hands full. have the best time on your trip and congrats on your gorgeous new pt! (i think you should keep her) :smile: either one is gorgeous though...
  6. Keep the part time girl! That bag rocks!! Although you are lucky enough to be going on vacation from 10/3-10/31 :nuts: Will you really need the capacity of a work after your looooong vacation? Keep that PT!!!
  7. because of the strap, I definitely say stick with the part-time
    besides, it is gorgeous!
  8. Agree with everyone else.

    As much as I love my Works, if you don't carry much around, PT is more than enough. When I travel, I normally cally my City as a handbag and either my Work or WE as a carry-on, depending on how much I have to lug around.
  9. I say keep the Part Time!!!!!! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL but for vacation it might come in handy that it has a strap.
  10. Nanaz.. your PT is beautiful~!. For traveling.. I'd stick with the PT just cause if you needed both your hands you could always where it cross body or over the shoulder. You also have a Giant Work in Sandstone t:huh:. So now you'd have a GH work & PT (unless you already have a Pt..?) I love it.. I'd say stick with it. ;)
  11. I agree, the PT will be perfect-- the Work may be too big for every day IMO!

    (Plus your PT is soooo pretty :love:)
  12. I would keep that gorgeous, HOT, PT! Sounds like the Work may be useful during your vaca but you'll want your PT back when you return for everyday... Your PT looks amazing I wouldn't risk exchanging it. Good luck with your decision Nanaz.
  13. i love your part time, like everyone else, i say keep it!
  14. I second this! :yes:
    If you'll be using it everyday, I think that being able to carry your bag by the strap would be more comfortable. Have a great trip, nanaz!!
  15. You ladies are all so sweet. :heart:I think you all have good points but for some reason, me and the PT are not clicking. :sad:I did not have this porblem with my GGH Marine PT but why do i feel like this with this one? is it because i am not used to the SH?:confused1: