Need your input! Damier Sauvage Impala

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  1. I have been on a Speedy craze and bought the Gold Dentelle then a Silver Miroir. I've been searching for more from my list when I saw this bag, haven't been able to get it out of my head for a week. What do you all think? I think I want something different ...yes or no?
    Does anyone know anything about this line? I know absolutely nothing about it...anything?
  2. It's one of my fave bags from this line... I've never seen it IRL but looks sooo good in pictures!
  3. I saw it in person, The Wynn in Vegas had one late last year, it is very pretty & larger than I expected. The sauvage bags are a slightly different shade than regular damier, the lighter color is a warmer tone. Very pretty, I hope you get it.
  4. I didn't know they made LV in Italy? I thought they were made in France, Spain, and US only.
  5. LV is also made in the UK Switzerland and Germany.

    Any way. :back2topic: I love sauvage. The only thing is it can't be repaired and i've heard the hair is fragile.
  6. ^^thanks for the info!

    OP: it is a gorgeous bag and it seems the price is right!
  7. OMG!!! I've been wanting that bag FOREVER!!! Get it! It's so pretty!
  8. i quite like the sauvage. I dont have anything from the range but i have a conte de fees musette which uses some of the sauvage calf skin on it. Its really nice seeing damier print of the fur, how precise every square is printed. I think it may be quite delicate, i have seen some on eBay in the past suffering hairloss, prehaps not an everyday bag. I do like patting the fur on mine though :p
  9. they are stunning bags but the above posters are correct they do get bald patches where they rub and there is nothing that can be done if this happens
  10. I like this line esp. Sauvage Lionne but be carefull with hair lost! This line easily tp get hair lost. I ever saw someone with much hair lost and her poor Lionne looks like bald little tiger...
  11. love them but concernabout hair lost
  12. I love the Damier Sauvage line- I remember when the bag and shoes were in the stores (good lord were the shoes incredible!). It is a gorgeous bag- and if you are absolutely in love with it, then buy it. But, if you could live without it- I'd say hold off. They're asking $699, but this bag retailed for about $450 when it was in the stores. Also, these Sauvage bags pop up on eBay and Let-trade now and then. I can't help thinking that for $699 you could get a brand new Speedy from the store/Elux or have almost enough for a BH or Saleya. Good luck with your decision!