Need your important opinion! Keep or not to keep?!


Keep or Return: Mulberry Black Bayswater?

  1. Keep it!'s beautiful and a must for your collection!

  2. Return it!...not worth it and it'll lose it's shape and start "curling"!

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  1. I'm really seriously thinking of returning this bag because of the flap eventually "curling" and because it's heavy and when I say heavy I mean it's heavy and there's nothing in it yet! Otherwise, it is a handsome bag. :love: Decisions, decisions! Please give me your opinions, as I trust and respect them. Thank you.
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  2. Hi! I think I would get pretty annoyed by the curling... so I would return, if I could. The heaviness wouldn't bother me, I mean, at least it's a shoulder bag, so more manageable for heavy bags, IMO. Is there no way to stop it from curling?

  3. Well, some people tell me to just put the flap inside the bag. Please see pic of Kate Mosses' Baywater, the flap is tucked inside. I guess I could do that?:hrmm:...but then it would leave my "things" exposed?!
    Kate Moss - Bayswater Leather Tote.jpg
  4. return it and get something that would satisfy you completely.. this flap thingy will haunt you lol
  5. I think the most important thing is the me...if heavy when empty... it will kill you full. I once had a Luella suzy jazzy strappy tote and it went back to NM fast.
    You can tuck the flap in just like on a birkin, but that doesn't change how heavy it is.

    Return it and buy what you will love
  6. I have the tooled oak bayswater and I do not thing it is heavy at all, my prada is much heavier! (could be due to the silver rings as part of the handle).

    But if the weight and the possible curling of the flap does annoy you then you should return it, as you probably won;t use it much. But I love the bayswater - and the darwin leather is devine. I would never consider returning mine.

    In these type of circumstances I usually ask myself "would I regret not keeping it? would it be possible for me to get it again in the future if I changed my mind?"
  7. To me, heaviness is a deal-breaker. You just can't function comfortably with a bag that is too heavy to carry. That's why I gave up on the idea of Paddingtons, Mulberrys, etc. It would drive me nuts.
  8. Return it if you are having doubts. Get a bag that you love 100%.
  9. To be honest, from what you've said, you seem unhappy, and I'd suggest returning it.

    I've got Mulberry's Roxanne in chocolate, and it is heavy, but I love it! It is just so cool and British and weekend-in-the-country. I don't use it every day, though.

    I've never liked the Bayswater as much, especially in black. There are a lot of other great black bags out there...
  10. Pursemama, I vote for returning it since the heaviness & curling flap are both issues for you. Go for something you completely love. ^_^

  11. If you're not 100% happy, I'd vote for return it. You'll always hate the bag for the flaws.
  12. While I really like that bag, I agree with everyone who said that if you don't love it, return it. There are plenty of bags out there that need your love. ;)
  13. If you have doubts then I would return it.
  14. :heart: Thank you all for your opinions, I really appreciate your input and time!:heart:
  15. i was so inlove with the bayswater at one time i almost ordered from but after reading various feedbacks about it being a heavy bag and the curling i bought a balenciaga instead, which im very happy i did... imo i would return it