need your honest opinion...

  1. what do you think of this?


    cute for $50....or should I save my $ for something better?

  2. Its nice and simple... and $50 is cheap for a bag. So if you like it and really want it (its within your price range) then definitely go for it! ;)
  3. ITs very simple and coservative so although you wil get alot of use out of it coz it will be appropriate for many situation will you find yourself reaching for a funkier bag?? in that case you wont get as much wear out of it as you think!

    If I were you i'd put my $50 away fro soemthing you really love :biggrin:
  4. It's a decent looking bag for $50..but I don't really care for the white stitching. But it all comes down YOU like it? :smile:
  5. thanks for your thoughts! i've decided to save my $ for something i really love. :smile:
  6. that bag was nice but VERY simple... good choice saving up for something you would appreciate more...

    ... any idea about which one to buy?
  7. funny you should ask...

    it's a toss up between this one:

    and this one:
    rafe vanessa.jpg