Need your HONEST speedy

  1. Ok, as some of you know I absulutely :heart: :heart: the Speedy. I have:

    Mono 30
    Mono 35
    Damier 30
    Damier Azur 30
    Epi (black) 30
    Denim Neo
    White MC
    Black MC (should be here Wed)
    Mini Lin Speedy
    Mini Sac HL

    Waitlisted for: Dentelle (gold)

    Should I get the Perfo in fuschia? My first thought when this bag came out was that it looked like a dog carrier! ;) Now I'm thinking since I'm a "collector" I might want to get this bag before it's impossible (and it IS growing on me)!? Do I stick with my first reaction (dog carrier), or do I get it to add to my collection?:shrugs:

    Remember, HONEST opinions needed/wanted! LOL
  2. WOW! that's a great collection there! :drool:
    Ya, I think if you're a collector, then you MUST get the perfo :biggrin:
  3. yes, get the Perfo in fuschia.
  4. Yep go for it!

    I didn't like it at first now I do
  5. I'm the same way! LOL i'm so easily swayed by everyone on PF. If I see a bunch of raves about a certain item that was blah to me before, then I start going "hmmm.... :graucho:" and suddenly I need to have it! This happened to me with both the denim line and cerises. Luckily, I didn't miss out on the denim line but I have yet to satisfy my cerises lust!
    Back to your perfo speedy though... have you seen the bag in person? Maybe that will be the extra push you need to totally fall in love!! You are after all a big speedy fan! If you personally think it looks like a dog carrier (which I don't) and are turned off by it then no, you shouldn't buy it just for the sake of "collecting". But if the design is now appealing to you, definitely go and try it on if possible!
  6. Well, I'm a speedy gal too and had the same thoughts as you. I just can't get over the holes in the bag. I will pass on this one.
  7. I say stick with your gut feeling. I think that just becuse you're a "collector" it doesn't mean that you should buy things that you do not necessarily love for fear that they will be discontinued. I would save the money and purchase something that you truly love with it instead.
  8. get it if you really, really, really love it.......
  9. I would skip a perfo personally and maybe get an another epi instead or a difft. LE speedy like a cerise or graffiti if you are a speedy collector.
  10. i wouldn't get it unless you really liked it, and personally, i'm not a fan. but you hve the most amazing speedy collection ever!!!
  11. If you can find it still available at a LV boutique I would say purchase it and you can always try it out, if you really do not like it you can return it within the 14 day return window.
  12. wow!! that a good collection!
  13. I say add it to your collection. i think they are cute!
  14. get it because you really like it.
  15. Get it! I first thought it looked like a dog carrier too, but honestly, it's an awesome lookin speedy!