Need your honest opinion....Delightful GM vs. MM

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  1. I need your help again. I bought the Delightful GM today (after putting my name to be called when it comes in for about 1 1/2 month). I'm set with getting the GM, tried the MM at the store, but still decided to take the GM home (it's the only one they have and it's made in France).

    Anyways, now I'm doubting about if I should keep the GM or exchange it with the MM. Overall, I like the Delightful. My honest opinion is the MM is a more suitable size for me (I'm between 5'3" and 5'4", 118 lbs). But I LOVE the zippers on the GM and think that the MM is too plain.

    Please help me to decide, please give me your honest opinion if I should keep or exchange her. I want to be able to decide as soon as I can possibly do since I'm not sure if they would still have the MM in stock if I go to the store (which is going to be on Saturday at the earliest).

    TIA for all the advice :biggrin:

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  2. Like you, I first thought the medium was too plain, but after seeing a few people with it, I actually like that it doesn't have the zippers. It looks a little more dressed up without them. I also prefer larger bags, but the medium does seem like a good size. You should defintely go try it on once more before you wear the GM.
  3. I think it's a great bag but the first thing I saw was the purse not you. If you are comfy with it I think you should keep it but it does look big on you IMO.
  4. My girlfriend tried both out and ultimately decided that the MM looked better on her, and she's about your height (5'3"). IMO, the bag in your pic looks just a little too big on ya.
  5. I would return it and gets the MM, the GM looks huge on you..
    I totally agree with petuniacouture that the bag looks more looked up without the zipper (:*
  6. I think it looks a little big on you. You can always dress up the MM with a bag charm or bandeau if u do decide to exchange it for that.
  7. Like others said, get the MM and dress it up. The GM is overpowering you. I wish LV would not change the features with the different sizes.
  8. It sounds that you like and would be more comfortable with the MM so you should go for that but personally, I like the GM on me (since I like big bags) but I'm taller though at 170cm (5'7). Have you tried carrying the GM with your things inside? You should because the bag will slouch differently with stuff in it than when it's empty.
  9. I think the MM would be more suitable for your frame .. I really like the shape of this bag:smile:

  10. I was just about to say this. Carefully put a few things inside because it totally changes the bag and the way it slouches
  11. I am 5'4 too although I way more and I LOVE big huge bags. I get unsolicited comments from friends and relatives about my "sack", "luggage", "where are you going with that big thing" and yada yada.

    It does not bother me because its my style and I prefer large bags. Even though I'm "short" I never feel comfy with teeny bags unless they are crossbody or carried for very very very short term

    All that being said it really boils down to how you feel about it. I think you should take another pic after you put things inside because the bag is quite different when its full.

    I like the GM better because of the zippers. I own an Artsy GM and I think the zippers set the Delightful apart from the Artsty. Its on my list to buy
  12. that's too huge for you. It doesn't look practical for daily use.
  13. lovepochikitty - have your tried the PM? My sis-in-law is about 5'5" and is around 130lbs, Delightful PM fits her just nice. I have seen and tried all 3 sizes, so if you like big bags, MM is the biggest you should go. Too big may be a bit dated.
  14. I"m5'1 and I got the Delightful in mm I think the GM is huge
  15. I love the MM -- GM looks like a travel bag, IMO.