Need your help!!!!!

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  1. Good morning Gucci lovers. I'm truly an LV girl, bug would love to add a Gucci bag to my collection. I have had my eye on the shopper swing tote, soho disco, or the triangle shaped bag with the double shoulder chains tote style. I do not know the correct name of the bag. I would greatly appreciate any and all thoughts and opinions. Thank you. Sincerely sheila
  2. I'm sure lots of people would like to help but you may have to post a pic of the 'triangle' shaped bag with chains

    Have you read through some of our club threads:

    Certainly there's a lot of love for the Soho Disco and the Swing, to my mind (I only have the SD) both represent good value for money, practical and the wonderfully simple shapes are classic. I'm not the best lover of chain bags, my Chanels with chains don't get out very much.

    For me it would boil down to which size is best for you, and would you rather have a simple tote or a small zip-up cross-body?
  3. Have you considered this? It's zippered and can be worn km the shoulder or cross body.

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