need your help...

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  1. I m finishing college and as a reward I deceided to buy LV bag :smile:
    and a watch ( you can include your suggestion :biggrin:)

    I used a lot my mothers mono speedy25 and it is great bag but I d prefer bigger size.
    Also, I m thinking about getting shoulder bag.

    I m confused what to choose since my father will buy it for me in Italy.

    During college I used my le pliage tote and it worked great for me- large with long handles.

    After researching LV site I made my "wish list" from which I want to choose.
    I would like to know what do you think?
    It would be my first LV and I understand that speedy is classic but after wearing my mothers speedy for years I m thinking about different style ...

    Delightful MM /GM
    Galliera PM
    Artsy MM
    Trevi PM
    Totally MM
    Neverfull MM/GM
  2. Galliera PM is my most comfy bag... Artsy is very stylish though....

    If you liked your Le Pliage, I would vote for the Totally MM.
  3. No way to say ... all we have to go on at this point is that you're finishing college and like long handles. So ...

    Is this an everyday bag or a special occasion bag?

    What's your lifestyle like?

    What type of occupation do you intend to have?

    What's the climate like where you live?

    Do you prefer a low maintenance bag or not?

    These are some of a few relevant considerations.
  4. If dad is buying - go for the Trevi! You will be on your own soon! Have you considered the Evora since it would be a nice work bag. What career are you going into? Do you need to carry and iPad or computer?
  5. Trevi all the way! Hand and shoulder bag! It's like 99.9% perfect! I wish I could get one.
    Ugh one day!
  6. i vote for galliera,totally and evora!coz u'll need comfortable and practical bags that u can wear it casually or dressy :smile:

  7. Thank you!
    I m finishing law :smile: so I think I will have to carry lot of papers , maybe I should buy Icare?
    Or just get another nonLV bag for files :biggrin:

  8. I m searching for everyday bag.

    My lifestyle is simpe, at the moment I m doing my best to finish college asap and I go to lunch /diner with my boyfriend, girlfriends- nothing special.

    I will work in office ( finishing law school).

    I don t baby bags but I don t abuse them.
    I love monogram and I love ebene.

    I wear black, beige, brown, white and grey all the time.
    I m 5'7 and skinny.

  9. can you fit a4 file in galliera PM or artsy MM?
  10. I vote Totally MM.
  11. Totally MM and Delightful MM are two of my favorites. Both are so comfortable and hold a lot. If you want something that can work every day and be carried to the office Totally would be great.
  12. I vote Neverfull, Im not fan of the one handle bags they look very awkward and annoying to use. The neverfull is bug, looks great and you can change the looks.

  13. Do you think that Delightful would be OK as a work bag?
    it is so hard to decide :smile:
  14. I too used the Le Pilage medium as a school tote in school. Your choices are nice, but it also depends on what you use it for. Is it still for school? Or do you plan using it for work as well or everyday casual? It also depends on your price range. I would recommend the Trevi PM (handheld/shoulder/DE carefree print). Galliera PM is good too (nice gold plate, dressy/casual/everyday). Delightful (hobo) & Neverfull (tote) are more of a casual bag. Totally is eh...looks like a diaper bag to me. :sad: Artsy is also a good choice if you don't like the patina since only the handle will patina. I just don't know how much you can fit in the bag. I hope my opinions help. Good luck! :biggrin:
  15. Thank you!
    I m not sure what can I expect from my future job.
    I want to have a nice bag that will last for years.
    I want that it can be used daily, I don t go out often.

    I metioned le pliage just as a reference, it s something I love to use since it s light and waterproof so it served very well for me.