Need Your Help..

  1. hey guys!!

    Ok so I bought they hamptons stripe book tote in the chestnut but i was in in between that and the parchment for like 2 hrs!!? should i exchange it for the parchment or keep the brown? HELPPPPPPPP:confused1:
    brown.jpg khaki parch.jpg
  2. I like the chestnut, very pretty!
  3. Brown - quite nice!
  4. I like the brown better!
  5. Keep the brown, it's prettier.
  6. keep the brown. it's tdf!
  7. Brown is richer and classier looking, very nice.
  8. thanks guys!!!!
  9. I have the shoulder tote in that dark brown - people comment on the color all the time!
  10. i have this bag in the dark it!
  11. I like the brown much better!
  12. Brown. :yes:
  13. Brown is waaay better for the upcoming and seasons and for not showing dirt! White has way more upkeep :smile: Good choice!
  14. I like both so I am of no help...I do think the Parchment is a bit more eye catching, but I prefer both of these over the black.
  15. [​IMG]
    I like this one more.