Need your help

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I've spent countless hours reading all of your posts, and I need some input from all of you.
    Recently I listed 3 of my own authentic Vintage GUCCI bags on Ebay.
    I purchased these bags at Gucci stores at various locations during travel around the country. These bags are all from the 1980's.
    Recently the buyer of one of the 3 bags contacted me after receiving it, insisting I sold her a faux bag She says the bag has none of the classic markings and it is fake, I KNOW it is not. My feedback is 100% and I am not a dealer of purses, I was simply selling my own bags that I didnt use.
    To try to put her at ease, I asked her to please try to take the bag to any Gucci store to see if someone there could confirm its authenticity. She absolutely refuses, says everyone is telling her its fake. Now she put a freeze on her payment. I'm not interested in dealing with her nonsense anymore, it's becoming perfectly clear to me that she isn't interested in this bag at all, PERIOD! I've agreed to the return.
    The issue I'm concerned about now is that I really have NO real way to prove it's authenticity. The funny part about this, is that this specific bag was serviced many years ago at the Gucci repair center. Sure wish I had the receipt to prove it, but I don't.:sad:
    Can any of you offer me any help? Id like to find any link that might show this bag as authentic, or any information at all.
    DO NOT link you eBay auctions here
    Appreciate it!
  2. Hello,
    I think you are probably dealing with buyers remorse, she probably doesn't like the bag now she has it and saying the bag is not authentic is basically just an easy way out.
    When you re-list stress that the bag is authentic and where exactly you purchased it. Also for $1 you can purchase the picture package which includes gallery, supersize and up to 6 pictures. Perhaps a picture of the interior of the bag too.
    Also don't refund S&H especially as she won't get it authenticated and don't forget to file the non paying bidder (buyer is returning item) dispute to recoup the ebay fees.
    I'm not exactly sure about how you would go about authenticating the bag, but hopefully one of the other members has an idea.
    Good luck and I know it's a frustrating experience.
  3. I agree. It sounds like buyer remorse or she just needed the bag for a special evening & now wants her money back. I have had buyers try to "rent" from me before.

    Check the tracking & see when it was delivered & when she contacted you. That will tell you if she had a chance to carry it or if she just changed her mind.
    Also I would charge her a restock fee of 15% & do not refund the shipping or pay the return shipping.
    How did she freeze the payment?
  4. When you get the bag back, be sure to inspect it carefully. There are buyers who will "return" fake bags for an authentic one. This kind of swap is one way that sellers get defrauded.

    When you relist, you might also want to attach a security band to guard against having a fake bag returned to you. Some sellers of high end bags attach those kind of wrist bands you get at clubs around the bag's handle and then hand draw a unique design on them. The buyer can't detach or reattach the band without it being obvious. Maybe a garishly colored band could combat the renting problem too! Anyway, you tell the buyer that you'll accept the return only if the band is still intact. I remember reading somewhere on TPF that you can get these bands at party supply stores. Good luck!
  5. Thank you all for your great input and advice. I totally agree that she either "rented" the bag or didn't like it. The buyer agreed to mail the purse back today as I requested via USPS priority, insured. I am required by Paypal to refund the entire purchase price less the shipping cost both ways of course. I cant charge any restocking fee since I did not list that I would in my ebay ad. I will definitely check the bag over carefully before any refund is issued.
    The way she managed to freeze the money in my account was by filing a dispute with Paypal.
    I will follow up with you all once I know how things turn out.
    Thanks again!