Need your help..

  1. Hi everyone ! I need a bit of advice ,i have hurt my ankle and have been told by my phisio to carry a smallish shoulder bag...This is gonna be hard as i use a 35 birkin!Need to stop carrying everything but the kitchen sink !What would you guys recommend ? And id like to get a wallet to match ! I have quite a bit of louis but no real shoulder bags apart from the theda and i find her a bit :confused1: ....Please help me spend my money !!!
  2. The epi mandara pm is very nice! There is one one let-trade. com so you can see a visual on a model.
    I also love my petite bucket!
  3. what about the cabas piano, or the vavin pm?
  4. In the meantime, I'll be glad to have your Birkin 35! :lol: Seriously the BH would be great for you as it's quite light and not huge.
  5. What line are you looking for? And how small, what do you really need to carry w/ you?

    Some suggestions:
    MC Lodge PM
    Damier Ravello GM
    Epi Mandara PM
    Mono Tulum PM
  6. I like the Batignolles Horizontal - It's not too small, but is extremely light. If you don't put a lot into it, it still looks good and will not be heavy on your shoulder, but you'll still have the feel of a bigger bag. Plus, it will be great once you're better (hope it's soon!)
  7. :p I dont mind which line, i have to have a wallet (new maybe) phone, smallish make up bag (new maybe )!
  8. My fave bag I have ever owned is the riveting monogram bag. (shown in my avatar)
    It can hold as little or as much as you need. Straps are just long enough and comfortable for shoulder but don't look dumb when carried over forearm like some longer straps. It's a FAB bag. I wasn't a fan at first but after using it, I'm SOLD!
    They make it in black and ecru smooth leather if you want to go less flashy and also in monogram canvas if you like it.

    I also like the denim baggy because it's comfy on the shoulder and light but after trying it with dress clothes realize it isn't very versatile.

    Sorry about your injury!
  9. i would suggest the cabas piano or the damier illovo. those are small enough to carry the essentials :smile: hope your ankle heals soon so you can go back to your wonderful birkin!
  10. Batignolles Horizontal, Cabbas Piano
  11. I would go with a cross-body type of bag because you want to BALANCE your weight now and not carry everything in a shoulder bag which is just a transfer from handheld. So if you were to carry a shoulder bag still, it'll just be easier on the hands, but the amount of WEIGHT you carry is still on one side of the body.
    I would suggest: (1) carry less for now and (2) get a musette, tulum PM/GM, popincourt long, Trotteur, sologne, bosphore....etc.
  12. Do you have a preference between the differnt lines, the damier belem mm, pariloi, & illovo are great bags. The illovo is one of the lightest LV's I've ever heald, the parioli is a nice tilored bag & the belem is cute & has sections, a rarity in LV bags.
  13. The BH
  14. My suggestions:
    Petit Noe
    Cabas Piano
    Antigua Cabas MM
  15. Vavin PM is not a shoulder bag. Not for an adult, with grown arms at least. ;)

    I agree with Cecilia about the cross-body type bags...much better for balance...I like the Bosphore PM too!