Need your help with my paper on Louis Vuitton / Something to do!

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Jan 21, 2007
Hi, guys. I'm doing an marketing paper on why women buy Louis Vuitton and other authentic luxury goods. I figured I would turn to my fellow TPFers for help! :smile:

I'm conducting a sort of general survey but I would love if you could be as specific as possible with your answers. Please answer all the questions below but of course, feel free to leave out any that you feel uncomfortable with. I'm looking for full-on honesty in your answers and please feel free to email your answers in a private message if you prefer! I hope to receive as many responses as possible. Thanks, ladies! :smile:

(1) Why do you buy Louis Vuitton and other luxury goods?

(2) How old were you when you bought your first luxury accessory and what was the brand and style of the item?

(3) What is the most you might pay for an LV or other luxury accessory?

(4) Do you feel that carrying an authentic LV or other luxury accessory changes your image (how you perceive yourself or how others perceive you) in anyway?

(5) What is your opinion on counterfeit designer accessories?

(6) If you have a thread or link with photos of your entire handbag collection (LV or other), please post it below.
(if it is okay, mods, I would like to use pictures of member's collections in my paper, with a proper credit to the TPF)

(7) If anyone has extra time, I would love to get video footage of you going through your handbag collection and explaining it. Maybe point out your favorite pieces and why they're special to you, such as gifts that were given to you by your hubby or other family member...


Jun 4, 2006
1. I like certain items from whichever brand I'm buying. One of the main factors why I liked LV before was cuz there were no sales. Then I kinda diverted away from LV cuz the products produced no longer attracted me, I just didn't and still don't like most of the designs, and I don't like how it's mass-marketting... More into shoes now and products from Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens.
2. I think i was 17; LV mono Trotteur
3. That I've actually spent: upto 4500$; but if it's croc probably willing to spend 20K in the future
4. Sure, I always judge people and other people will always judge me.
5. Very against counterfeit goods. I'm a purist.
6. N/A
I haven't taken group pix in a long time... kinda scared to do that considering how much junk I've accumulated these days... I used to have collection pix that I posted a year or two ago, you can probably do a search.
7. N/A
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Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
Hello...I'll answer your question from a guys perspective since I'm a dude LOL!

1. I buy Louis Vuitton because of it's high quality workmanship and durability and reputation in the industry. I'm an avid traveler and Louis Vuitton is known for it's travel pieces.
2. I bought my first ever Louis Vuitton at the age of 26, a Keepall 60 w/ strap since I'm an avid traveler.
3. The most I paid for LV is $1250 for the Keepall 60. For SLG, $681 for Epi Sarah with Calif. tax.
4. Carrying an LV does not change my image. I remain true to who I am. My buddies at the gym or even my classmates were shocked when they learned I have so much LVs. They all said I simply look like your average guy who loves to work-out at the gym haha!
5.I don't believe in counterfiet goods; they're against the law.
6. I think I do....let me look.
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