Need your help with my 1st Chanel!

  1. Merry Christmas everyone!
    This is my 1st post in Chanel. I am still learning about those models and details. I never thought that I would buy a Chanel because it's so classic, and not everyone can wear it well. However, I am a little tired about LV, so I'm planning my 1st Chanel for my birthday. I still have a few questions, girls, please help me out. Thanks a lot!

    1. I am very interested in classic flap, what are the pros and cons between caviar and lambskin?

    2. From all those pics I have seen, East& West's shape is longer and narrower and only has one chain, am I right?

    3. Silver or gold hardware, which one goes well with classic flap?

    4. Any advise for me?

    Thank you :tup::tup:
  2. 1. lamb is far more delicate than caviar. Caviar is calfskin, but is treated and has a pebbly texture. Caviar is more practical for people who want to carry it often.

    2. E&W means wider, not taller. but CHanel's EW flap is pretty small I think.

    3. depends on teh individual. I prefer silver as all my jewlry is white gold or platinum.

    4. You must go and try them on! What you think you may want could be very different after you try them on!
    If you don't get a spectacular SA, don't buy from him/her. . . move on.
  3. That helps alot. Thank you so much! :heart:

  4. If you haven't already, browse through the Chanel Reference Library. That was how I started in deciding which models/flaps I preferred. Also since I am scared of ruining the leather, I opted for Caviar in Black. I also didn't feel that Gold hardware matched well in terms of my clothes, age, etc. Like Swanky said, definitely go to the store and try on the bags. It is different from looking at pictures on a screen as opposed to actually carrying them and determining if they look great on you. Good luck!