Need your help: which dress yo wear to wedding

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  1. Hi,
    My cousin is getting married this Sunday. I've narrowed it down to these 2 dresses. Please help me decide which to wear. One is floor length silk while the other is short and black (i can remove the flower belt. i have a patent leather bow i can use instead if you all think that is more appropriate.
    I appreciate any and all feedback!
    image-2754737195.jpg image-1583720208.jpg
  2. I like the floor length one better. The black is nice too, but a bit casual. But if you would go for the black one after all, I'd say mix it with shoes in a vibrant color or maybe even metallic (gold or silver ones).
  3. Floor length! Personally I really dislike black for weddings. I also think the maxi dress looks nicer on you.
  4. The long dress looks better on you.
  5. Thank you, ladies! Im leaning towards the long dress. My concern w the long one is dancing w and chasing my 8 and 5 yr olds that will be with us.
    Just for reference, I'm 5'3", 118lbs, and DH is well over a foot taller then me.. Do you think the long dress makes me look "stumpy" especially when I'm next to my 6'5 giant hubby? I've never worn a floor length dress before.. Well out of my comfort zone!
    Thanks again for your comments!
  6. long dress :smile: And no it won't make you look 'stumpy' lol
  7. Long!
  8. Love the maxi!
  9. Definitely maxi - very glamorous.
  10. I actually like them both - but what I don't like the black shoes you're wearing with the short dress in the pic, I think you need something more neutral.
  11. Hmmm.. Thank you. What would you suggest instead of black shoes? What neutral? A beige or red perhaps
  12. Long dress. Beautiful!
  13. Thank you all... Long dress wins! I was going to keep the black to wear when I meet my DH in NYC for a night out but I think I'm going to return it.
  14. I mean the style of the shoes - should be more neutral, I think the design on your black shoes is a bit overwhelming - the eye just goes straight to the shoes - perhaps something more strappy or plain? And perhaps make your clutch or jewellry the feature? I think colorwise beige or red (plain design) would also look cute!
  15. I think the black dress could be a great staple piece if you styled it differently. I would pair it with a plainer shoe (those were lovely but a little distracting with the full skirt). I would also remove the flower and add a different belt. Can you re-post a pic of the black dress re-styled? I think it could look more sophisticated if it was toned down a bit.