Need your help! Which cles?

  1. Okay fellow tPF members, my dear friend is visiting Paris and offered to be my LV mule !:yahoo: I just bought a bag so can't buy another one but feel bad if I don't get anything since it is Paris! So I decided on getting the cles but don't know from which line. Right now I have 3 pieces from mono and 1 from the epi. I really want the new groom but is afraid it may rub off. What do you guys think? TIA!
  2. azur cles!
  3. Groom cles...very cute.
  4. Do you think the Groom would rub off after a while? I don't want it to look like mono cles after a few yrs....
  5. If you bash it around or let things scrape against it, it will chip eventually but it should be fine otherwise.
    I'd see if there wasn't anything not available in the U.S. that she might be able to buy for you. I don't know what's there, but maybe someone else does.
    If there isn't anything, I'd go for the Groom, if you really like it :smile:
  6. hmm I really like the vernis cles'! also.. if you think you can take care of the groom cles, then sure go for it!!
  7. OMG I never thought about the Vernis cles...
  8. ^^ The framboise cles would be nice! :graucho:
  9. vernis cles all the way!
  10. The Groom cles...otherwise, agree that the framboise cles is pretty too...hehhe..I like how u said "LV mule"...
  11. which one is the framboise cles?
  12. Groom.
  13. The framboise vernis cles- the hot raspberry color, something similar to fuchsia but IMO nicer. :P
  14. how about in damier or damier azur?????? i'm itching to get one too..
  15. go for groom cles....they come in both the round coin cles with orange strips and the rectangular one with yellow strips....will make super cute accessories:idea: