Need your HELP! What would you do?

  1. Ok, so I found a honest seller on eBay and was buying a new perfo speedy (fuschia)...well things have gone wrong. She ended the auction early, and I was getting ready to send payment through Paypal when she emailed me with a "problem". She said she had sold a Miroir Speedy to someone and they were disputing the transaction through Paypal because the box had arrived "damp". She wasn't able to accept Paypal payments so she set up a new account. I had chatted with her through email quite a few times, she has great feedback and I felt ok sending the payment to the other address. Well she emails me (after I sent payment) and says that there is another "problem"....Paypal has linked the 2 accounts and she can't access the funds that I just sent her. She tells me to widhdraw my payment (which of course I can't). I call Paypal and they said that she (the seller) has to email Paypal and tell them to reverse the transaction. I tell her that, she does it and I still have yet to see my money? How long should this take? I just don't understand why she still can't send me the bag? I have paid her, she'll be able to access the funds in a couple of it my problem that she is having issues with another transaction? So meanwhile I'm out 'x' amount of dollars and still don't have a bag!?

    Any help/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. OMG! I'm so sorry this is happening to you! You've probably already tried this, but maybe you could email the seller AGAIN and let her know that she shouldn't be making her problem your problem! After all, you did already pay and if she can see that she did receive the money in her Paypal account, there's no reason why she can't mail you the bag!

    And maybe you can post this question in the eBay forum too? I'm sure much more knowledgeable people than me will be able to help!
  3. Wow sorry to hear, I hope everything works out for you.
  4. this is awful, I would e-mail her and tell her that you want the bag or you will have to make a dispute. But dont be nasty to want her on your side. If that doesnt work then I would contact paypal and tell them and then contact your credit card company and try and get your money back through them. It isnt your fault that she is having problems. This is unprofessional of her.
  5. May be you should send her an email, tell her that you want her to reverse the transaction and if she already did, you should call Paypal and ask about the money.

    If you really love to have this bag, just have her set account on Bidpay (the same function as Paypal), after you get your money back, you just pay her that way.

    Or.. just say to her that you want to pay by postal money order (which you'll pay small fee).

    Hope everything will work out..** fingers crossed for you.
  6. It is an awful thing to happen to both buyer and seller.
    A similiar situation happened to me and I ended up waiting two weeks for my item, but it was worth the wait. If anything does go wrong you do have 45 days in which to make a claim anyway.
    I completely understood the predicament the seller was in, she could have sent my item, but if I were dishonest and paypal had processed a refund then she could have lost a large amount of money. Paypal really can tie a seller's hands.
    Maybe she can refund your money and you can do bidpay if you want the bag ASAP.
  7. Are you completing this transaction outside of eBay because she ended the auction early? If so, eBay will not back you up in this transaction if something goes wrong. Something smells fishy to me. Make sure she sends you that bag asap and provides you with a tracking number. And also I hope you paid with a credit card in case you don't receive anything. Good luck!
  8. Yes, it's still through Ebay. I bid on it and then she ended it early selling it to me (the only bidder). I think (hope) it's legit, just s*&ks that she is having problems with another transaction and it has to affect me! :confused1: