Need your help!! What color should I get?

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  1. Which color should I get? Bordeaux or charcoal gray? The picture shows black but imagine it to be a dark charcoal gray.
    Pics from my SA and fellow TPFer!!

    Attached Files:

  2. Bordeaux and grey are both great colors, so you cannot go wrong with any. What are the other bag colors in your collection?
  3. I know she has a classic black jumbo ghw, jumbo so black, new medium chevron boy with chain stitching in black, black lambskin golden class w.o.c., taupe jumbo with silver hardware, blue jumbo easy caviar, dark blue gst with silver hardware, beige iridescent new medium boy with champagne gold hardware, new medium metallic dark gray with ruthenium hardware boy, black shopping tote with silver hardware. Sorry I know this because this is my sister. I don't know what color she should get as well. Definitely not the blue or black one though because she has a few blues in her collection already.
  4. I look at the list of what OP may already have and I see lots of classics. For me, I reach for the bags that I can wear easily every day that aren't fussy or require care. So I'd go for the dk grey as it's an everyday, easy to wear bag and very neutral. This is also on my list, as a great all around I'll wear this bag to pieces, item.
  5. grey:smile:
  6. Grey!!!
  7. the grey is lovely!
  8. Grey!
  9. Grey!
  10. I prefer grey in this bag style :smile:
  11. Grey ❤️
  12. I vote grey as well! Does anyone know the style code of this bag?
  13. I love the charcoal grey one!!

  14. I recently bought this bag (it's technically black but does appear dark gray in some lighting). Here's the code:

  15. Charcoal! Burgundy looks better on Filigree!