Need your help RIGHT NOW! PLEASE?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I've been looking at different apartments for a while now and found two that are right next to each other and are gorgeous.

    Well, the first one is just a studio, so everything is there - living room/bedroom/kitchen in just one room. So, basically, I sleep where I cook. The room is quite big and would definitely fit a small kitchen table, a sofa, and two arm-chairs. Oh, and all the utilities are included. So, that one was the first one that I walked into. I LOVED it. The only problem is that if I cook (even though I don't like cooking too much), everything will smell of food. But there is a small walk-in closet though, which makes me very happy, since I have lots of clothes.

    The second place is an apartment. There is a living room/kitchen in one room and a bedroom in the other. This one is $100 cheaper than the first one but utilities are not included.

    I have a full time job and I can afford both but I also want to save 1/2 of my paycheck every month (I get paid biweekly) for a condo/house in a few years. So, my questions is, which is a better deal? How much would utilities be if I get the second place? I try to always economize (that does not apply to bags though...LOL) when it comes to water & heat.

    I gave a security deposit for the second one but have doubts now. Both are still available and I am hoping to talk with the owner today around 5 and see if he can let me have the first one if I decide that it's a better deal.

    I need your help!!!! Please let me know what you think!!!! Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. Huh, that's a tuffy. Do you love both apts equally? I've never been a fan of studios, but maybe that's because I live with my BF and it would be way to crowded. Ask the apt mgr where the utilities are not included what the avg tenant would pay so you could get at least an idea. It sounds like you are leaning more towards the studio though...good luck and in the end you make the right decision.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I am just so confused right now and not even sure what I like anymore! I love the apartment just because it's "normal", you know? You have a kitchen and a living room and then you have a bedroom. I just don't want to agree to pay rent for a year and then be stuck with huge bills. But then living in a studio is not bad for one person. The thing that bothers me is that everything is in one room!!!!! But if it's significantly less money, I'll definitely go with the studio.

    Uhhhhh...decisions, decisions...
  4. If you can afford both, I would ALWAYS go for the apartment. There is just something about having a proper bedroom and obviously not having to turn your bed down each night before you go to sleep. In my opinion you have done completely the right thing by going for the 2nd option. I completely see if people are struggling financially that a studio makes sense, but if you can afford the 2nd with the utilities on top, its a no brainer to me. Its the way to go :smile:
    Whichever you choose, I hope its a very happy place for you. So very best of luck with your choice. :smile:
  5. Hmm that is a toughie.. I'd vote for the apartment just because I like having separate rooms. And it works out better if you have friends or family that come to stay over at your place too. Good luck with whichever you decide to get!
  6. I would go with the apartment, I lived in a studio when I was younger and I hated it. I couldn't move with out making a mess, or at least it looked messy because of the size, plus all the extra trouble with fitting things etc.
  7. Go for the apartment - i used to have a friend who lived in what is known here as a 'bedsit' which is all your rooms in one...and he used to always stink of whatever it was he had cooked for dinner that night.....
    Fry-ups, curry, you name it - it clung to his clothes like glue!:wlae:

    I couldn't personally imagine sleeping in the same room i cook in - and i've lived in some pretty strange, pokey places - i've had a place with a bedroom and living area in the same room, but always had a separate kitchen.

    In my experience, even when utilities are included in the price, there are usually still some bills you have to pay (in the UK anyway), so it doesn't really make a great deal of long as you budget carefully, pay what you have to pay and then use what's left to do what you like with, you should be just fine. I used to find that it helped to put money aside for electric etc when i had extra money, so that when i had a really tough week, it was never too bad as i had a little to fall back on.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do, i hope you are very happy!:flowers:
  8. I would go with the apartment as well. I'd feel trapped and claustrophobic in a studio (one big room). Good luck!
  9. if you can afford it, go for the apartment. it never made sense to me why people live in studios when they can afford apartments...
    my bf stayed in studios throughout college because it saved him a lot of $ and he didn't like visitors anyway. however, it did have a separate kitchen (half a wall type thing) so i guess it wasn't so bad.
  10. Why don't you knock on a few doors today at the 1bdrm place and ask how much people pay for utilities?

    I've lived in 600sf apartments where utilities ran $175 a month and up. The utilities in my current 800sf apt cost $45 a month at highest. And I just got my first air conditioner last year.

    You are right to think of utilities as part of the total cost of an apt.
  11. Great thinking ProfNot. :yes:

    its a good idea to find out what others in the block are paying
  12. I"d go for the apartment too. If you conserve on water and heat I think in the long run it'll be better and your clothes and such won't smell like food.
  13. I agree. My DH had a studio before we got our first place together and I hated it. I guess it depends on the size. If you entertain a lot it is easier to have your bedroom separate.
  14. If you can afford it, I would say go for the apartment. Even when I lived in apartments, I always had to have a big one (I get claustrophobic). Utilities will depend on where in the country you live. You can call the utilities companies (gas, electric) and ask them the average bill for the past 12 months so you can gauge what it will cost you. You can also get on the budget plan so you will have a steady monthly bill, rather than higher in summer or winter, depending where you live.
  15. ii ike he ida of the studio, due to the fact that you get uilitie included saves you money? f your trying to save and miamise pick the one you will save most on plus he tudio has a walk-in