Need your Help!! Repairs!

  1. I posted a thread earlier but I need your help. My new Stam Hobo (in mouse, so pretty!) arrived yesterday but a gold stud from the top handle area was loose and fell off. I can't find it. I called a few MJ Boutiques and they wouldn't help me b/c I didn't buy my bag at their store. I don't live by an authorized retailer that I could go to. I just need a replacement part & I don't want to part with my beautiful bag so soon. I can get it fixed in town if I can just get the part. Does anyone have any advice...I am totally bummed with my new love sitting in it's dust cover in my closet. :sad:
  2. Parting with your bag to get it fixed properly might be your only option. is one place you can send your bag to
  3. How disappointing for you! Good luck getting a repair. I agree that the other threads on this forum will be a great resource for you in finding a suitable repair shop. Hope all turns out well!! You deserve to enjoy your new bag!