Need your Mizi

  1. What do you think is a "fair" price for a mint Mizi (mono)? I have one I'm interested in, and they're asking what is my budget?

    What did this bag retail for? What should I say?

    Thanks! I've been wanting this bag FOREVER!!! :yes:
  2. this bag was a little more than $1200 around $1250 when it was first released then there was a price increase to $1325 i believe(don't quote me on the exact prices but i'm in the ball park). if you are getting a good deal on it and its in good condition go for it because its a special bag. there are even some on eBay that have asking price of $2,000(go figure:shrugs: )
  3. aaaaaaaaa!! Wrong person!! LoL:noggin:
  4. personally i wouldnt pay more the 1700/shipped for brand new not used.
  5. ^^When it first came out and I had it in my hot little hands. The SA told me it was $1450.
  6. $2000 is way too steep for me, even if its brand new. :push:
  7. Let-trade has a used one for at 1200, personally I think new should only be 1600 in comparison.
  8. pinkiwhatever is correct on the original retail of the Mono Mizi.Don't let the seller take advantage of you by charging you an arm & a leg.
  9. I think about $1,600 is a good fair price :smile: because it is quite a popular rare bag
  10. it depends on the condition of the bag. i bought my mizi from let-trade for $1535 and it was not brand new. there were some light water marks on the vachetta, but i'm not worried about them since they won't be visible once the patina develops. i felt that the price was fair considering that the bag retailed for $1450 and it is a very popular limited edition bag.
  11. I think it really depends on the condition of the bag. I bought the Mizi when it first launched for $1400+. A lot of sellers price it over retail because it's discontinued. Anywhere from $1200-$1500 is fair.
  12. There's 2 available on Let-trade's site.. one looks like it's in better condition than the other!