need your help, please!!!!!

Mar 13, 2006
So, I heard about the consignment stores on this website and decided to go to the one near my house. I went in there and found a REALLY cute Balenciaga bag in Olive! It is one of those that has two handles and a long shoulder strap (I don't know what it's called). It is small and really cute! Of course, it's used but looks like it was used very gently. They're selling it for $450. I don't know if I should get it! Is it a good price? Is this a classic bag? Would I still wear it in ten years? They're holding it for me untill closing today, so I have to make my decision quick!!!

What do you all think? It's final sale, of course. So, I need your help!
The only concern I would have is making sure the bag is authentic--especially since you will be paying $450. Perhaps you can ask the store if they will allow you to snap a few pictures to help you verify authenticity. If so, you would definitely want to get a shot of the metal hardware on the strap in addition to pics of the bag. My understanding is the fakers rarely get the strap hardware correct.

Good luck!
You should read about how to i.d. an authentic Balenciaga on the website There is a lot of excellent information there. (Especially the section on how to read the tags.)

Taking a few pics to post here would be a good idea as well, if the store will let you do it. Alternately, will they let you return it if it is not authentic?
Ok, I went back there and I looked the bag over and I saw a BIG scratch on the bottom. I know it's only on the bottom but it would bother me sooo much!...I just know myself. So, I didn't buy it. It was authentic though. I mean, they gave me 100% guarantee or my money back. Well, there's always another time.

Oh, and the bag's name is the motorcycle bag.

Thank you for all of your replies!!!! I appreciate your help very much!