Need your help please .......

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  1. I have been stalikng a preowned zoe, but am not sure if I should go ahead and buy it. It is large patent red zoe and I would be able to buy for $89, the outside is in excellent condition but the lining in the pocket has pretty extensive pen marks, possibaly permanent marker, so what do you ladies think, is this a good price for this particular zoe? I am very particular about my bags but I would only buy this if it is a really good deal. Opinions?
  2. I don't have any Zoes but they are nice! The Red one especially! That is a great price. Can you live with the pen marks? If you do decide to buy it, I would try some Ivory liquid soap and a damp cloth and some Hair spray. I had pen marks on my Legacy striped Lining of one of my bags. I took a damp cloth and some aerosol Hair spray (from the can) and sprayed directly on the ink marks. I then took a little Ivory Liquid dish soap (white or clear) and rubbed on it. Ink came out!
    Good Luck on your decison!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. I'd pass, I'm a germaphobe and that mess would skeeve me out!
  4. Lynne, thanks for the tips!!!

    Normally the marks would bother me but since they are in the inside pocket and this a such a good price I am very confused.
  5. To provide some perspective, the small/med Zoes were selling for around this price this brand new at the outlets....the boutique ones, not MFF. I would pass on this also, chances are another will come up, this color especially in fall/holiday season.....don't know that they are that rare.
  6. I'd pass a small pen mark would not bother me but thats too much
  7. Pen marks on the lining wouldn't bother me at that price. I'd wipe the lining with a Shout wipe or something like that.
  8. i'd pass too, you might be able to find something in red really soon during the holiday floorsets
  9. thanks ladies, I decided to pass it. hopefully i will be able to find something red soon :smile: