Need your help, please! soft chain hobo vs rock and chain hobo vs baby cabas

  1. Dear all,

    I am just in a dilemma in choosing the soft chain hobo vs rock and chain hobo vs baby cabas. To me, they look a bit alike, so, I really cannot decide on which on to choose? Can you give your expert opinion, please!!!!

    ppsam :p
  2. I like the soft chain hobo a tiny bit better than the baby cabas
  3. I have all 3 to say...I love them all.
  4. jill :drool:
    can u post pic all 3 in a row :love:
  5. Actually, I did not have them. I'm just thinking which one to choose. Do you think they look alike?

  6. actually i was asking the pics from jill LOL

    i only have the baby cabas but i like the other 2 too, i was having teh same dillema and my choice came to baby cabas because it was the 1st of the 3 that i had a chance to get first LOL.
  7. as i dig up the reference thread, it all comes up to me now and i hope i'll be able to give u my opinion in more details

    jill's rock adn chain hobo

    i've seen this and tried it on IRL, but i don't really like it.
    i like teh way it looks on me, very boho and suited my style but i find it hard to take out and put in things, i also tend to carry los of things adn i don't think it looks good filled :p

    jill's soft and chain hobo
    never see it iRL adn i LOVE the chain and all but as i said that i tend to fill my bags with lots of things, i don't think a bag with depth like this will suited me

    so i guess my decision getting the baby cabas is the perfect solution for my needs., i love the depth LOL
    pic from NM catalogue
  8. I have been wearing my Soft Chain the most actually....
  9. What is the retail on the soft chain,rock chain and babay cabas? What is the size on the soft chain and rock chain? I really like the look of the rock chain. I think the soft chain would bother my shoulder to carry. Too many bags to see on this forum then you want them all and can't make up your mind.....
    The rock chain and the way it drapes is really growing on me. I thought I would end up with a leather baby cabas after thinking the denim was the one I would get since I could get one now......but now the pictures of the rock chain make me want that too....
  10. in my opinion...i honestly loved the rock and chain when i first saw it, but i think it can bother your shoulder after awhile. i like the chain better on the rock and chain. I say get the rock and chain...hurry up because theyre selling out real quick! Tons of people are on the wait list! here are some pictures of my new rock and chain flap handbag! Enjoy!
    chanel rock and chain 016.jpg chanel rock and chain 013.jpg chanel rock and chain 014.jpg
  11. I'm having a rock and chain hobo sent to me. I should get it middle of next week. I have a baby cabas...and it sits in the closet. For some reason, I don't love it. I had the soft and chain sent, and returned it. With luck, maybe you could try on the 3 and decide.
  12. Thanks for all your precious information. I don't have the luck to try the real bags for three of them, because it's not available in HK. I can only ask for the best bag and then I search for it all over the world, maybe in US. Well, golden's mom, can you tell me why you just "neglect" your baby cabas and "return" your soft and chain? Any special reasons? Thanks!


  13. i have the baby cabas in khaki, and the s&c hobos in all colors. i wasn't interested in the rock & chain at first, but after seeing jill's pix, WOW. it's gorgeous!

    i would go for the s&c or the r&c--try on both and see what looks best on you :p
  14. Hi xochanel,
    so do you mean that it hurts the shoulder aftering carrying the rock and chain for a while. How can you overcome this then??


  15. I have a soft & chain hobo and I think it is a pretty practical and stylish bag to carry on. My concern is only that it gets scratch easily due to its leather. :rolleyes: