Need your help please - PO Feb.08 approaching..

  1. I’ve been offered an order at the next podium in february 2008 and I can’t make my mind up!

    My first H bag purchase was quite recently, a 32 Kelly in Clemence, ebene, PHW.
    At the time I bought it, I honestly thought I will never spend that kind of money on a bag ever again.
    I thought it’s a classic that will last me forever and that's it. Fini.

    Madly, all I can think is, I want another one!
    I've still got a little bit of play money left, so here we go.
    This time it definitely will be my last H bag purchase for quite a while (apart from a little Garden Party perhaps).

    The new treasure should be either a 35cm Birkin or a 35cm Kelly, as I could do with a bit more space.
    I tend towards a Birkin, to have something different.

    It’s for everyday use and being a mom, I can’t be too precious about the bag, therefor delicate colors or leathers are out.

    Colorwise that would point towards black, which I do like.
    BUT: I just wonder whether there is perhaps something more exciting?
    Also my Kelly is ebene and would that not be too much of the same thing?
    What would I wear in summer?
    Any bright colors are not my cup of tea.
    Gold seems to be the obvious answer, but I am not a ‘Gold-Girl’.
    H Rouge crossed my mind, but I think in the FebPO it’s only available in Evergrain and Clemence?
    I like Evergrain, but I haven’t seen it on a bigger item yet.
    How does the shape hold with a Birkin? Does it scratch easily? What does it look like in H Rouge?

    As for leather, I prefer matte to shiny and I do like some texture, but maybe not quite as large a grain as in Clemence.
    Box, Chevre and exotics are not for me.

    With Hardware, it will always have to be Palladium.

    For reference, here's a pic of Kelly and me.

    Your ideas and thoughts would be very much appreciated!
  2. Wow you are such hot stuff!

    I am a HUGE advocate for Evergrain--it's my very favorite leather and I have a 35cm Birkin in it. I absolutely adore it. It's very nicely structured, though not as rigid as Vache Liegee or Fjord, more like the structure of an older bag in Box leather. I find that it will *mark* fairly easily, but not scratch, and the marks will almost always rub right out with your finger. It's also been great on the occasions when I've been caught out in the rain or snow unexpectedly, as I just wiped it off and it was none the worse for the wear.
    I highly recommend Evergrain, in short! I'd love to see it in Rouge H, as it's not a color/leather combo I have ever seen in person. I doubt it would tend toward the brown side like Rouge H in Swift tends to do, as Evergrain seems to take color in a beautiful, velvety way--deeper blacks than many other leathers, for instance.

    I say go for it!! If you would like pics of my Evergrain Birkin just say the word.
  3. thanks a lot Cynthia, that sounds very encouraging.
    I adore the feel of Evergrain, it's just so smooth and wonderful.
    Very excited to hear that it wears so well on your Birkin!
    Photos, yeesss pleeease!
  4. No problem! Coming right up; I know I have some on my computer.
    Grr, the attachment feature isn't working for some reason.
  5. [​IMG]


    I don't baby this bag in any particular fashion, and I carry it about 3-4 times a week. It's about two years old and still in great shape as you can see!
  6. It looks fantastic, Cynthia, thanks for posting.
    Did you take the first photo with a flash? It seems to have more sheen to it than on the second. Which one is truer to life?
  7. Yep, the first one was taken with a flash. The second one is probably truer to life...the bag has a subtle sheen but not a shine, if that makes sense?
  8. I echo Cyn about Evergrain. It's amazing! More structured than many other leathers, but still soft enough to be a little floopy and has an amazing hand. It smells wonderful, too. I love it.

    My Birk is a bigger size, too, although it hasn't earned her sheen quite yet, I should probably use her more...

    Scratches DO rub right out, a wonderful thing if you have kids that are quick to grab handles! :tup:
  9. I know what you mean. Your bag is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it and for your advice. Lol.
  10. Thanks Angelfish; your bag is absolutly gorgeous too!
    Now that I've seen two wonderful Evergrain Birkins, it really got me thinking...
    Which color/size is yours?

    I've got rush out to do the school run now...arrghh....
  11. I think you should go for a birkin, in black or Vert Olive, because you dont like Gold, you could consider Etoupe? I would be cheeky if I were you and ask for Barenia, then your real option as second place!x
  12. Togo would also be an alternative. The grains are smaller than clemence and it's weather proof and scratch proof. It also doesn't slouch as much as clemence would.

    Regarding color, etoupe and graphite would also be great neutrals.
  13. Oh duh sorry, she's a 35cm. I need to find a pic of her all buttoned up like Cyn's pretty gal... apparently my bag is super casual and doesn't pose for pictures all done up much :graucho:
  14. LOL, Angelfish! Mine was just in a mood that day, all dressed up with her twilly and all. She's a 35 as well, in case I didn't say that.

    This year's Togo, to my eye, has not been that great, so I personally will not be ordering or begging for a Togo bag until I see some greatly improved Togo coming out. The Clemence from this year and last year has been amazing, but it will slouch and floop, of course, so I don't think that's a good option for what you want.

    There's also Fjord, which hasn't been discussed yet, but it has a much larger grain pattern and is a tad heavier weight even nowadays (it's much lighter now than it used to be).
  15. Thanks Sammyjoe; I admit that I haven't even thought of etoupe, but it's an interesting idea, especially comes summertime... It's a lovely and elegant color. I can definetly see it on a Kelly. Will it be too dressy on a Birkin? Sometimes it's difficult to imagine colors...
    I'll go and check the color section, perhaps there is an example.