Need your Help PLEASE on JUMBO ASAP

  1. I ordered a jumbo caviar Last nite
    Black with silver
    1775.00 for the new Caviar leather which is softner

    I just got a call
    Another store got in my Jumbo Caviar with the Leather we all know for 1695.00

    Which one should I take NEW CAVAIR or OLD ????

    the other store I don't have to pay tax so it would be

    New caviar with tax 1,899.25
    Old Caviar we all know for 1695.00 no tax

    that is a 204.00 savings if I go with the original Caviar
  2. I havent really seen or felt the new caviar so I cant really compare it but I have no problems with the original caviar so I would probably take the $200 saving and go with the original caviar
  3. I was thinking the SAMEthing...
    If I see the NEW caviar and like it I could always get another bag in another color..
    I just feel SO BAD since the SA I was dealing with was SO NICE..KWIM
    the SA who I usually deal with found me the one for 1695 ...
    THANKS JEN for your input
  4. i agree with jen. i will go for the original caviar. if this new one is a success, they will prob bring it again next year and the year after.... so you can always get it later.
  5. very true, you can put the $200 savings towards a bag with the new caviar :graucho:

    But I definitely understand why you would feel bad! I think if the SA was so sweet in finding you the bag, she would understand that you are deciding against it since you havent seen the new caviar IRL yet. nice SAs are usually nice throughout the whole thing so hopefully your's will understand.

    and no problem!! glad i could help
  6. I like the old caviar because it's indestructable. Who knows how this new caviar will hold up with time and use. We may be paying extra for substandard material. Personally, I wouldn't want to the one of the people to test-drive this new leather at a higher price point. I took a chance on the Cloudy Bundle tote because Nordstrom price matched a sale for me at 30% off. I don't know how well this washed lambskin will last, but at $700 off retail it was worth taking my chances.
  7. OK....I called the SA and left a message for her to call me back and she did....I told her I need to cancel the NEW caviar bag...I told her that a SA that I usually deal with found me the bag and shipped it out already ...the SA with the NEW caviar said to me when I receive it just return it then so you can have the NEW caviar:confused1:
    I told her I rather stick with the OLD leather for NOW since I know what I am buying and I have not seen the new irl yet...She then said FINE ..I need to go I have a customer in front of me:sad: I know she was upset...but to be honest I just called there last nite and asked if they had one and they it wasn't like she was searching for one for me kwim???

    I did tell the SA who I cancelled with that MY NEXT purchase of chanel I PROMISE to go thru her...and she did say thats fine....

    its not like I was saying a few dollars..IT WAS $200.00 she should have understood

    ANYWAYS Saks is sending it out wed and I did 2 day ship so It will be here friday:p

    THANKs to all that had input in this....
    Hey with the money I saved I will buy the first round of drinks for you girls:p

    btw Roey
    I took a chance on the Cloudy Bundle tote because Nordstrom price matched a sale for me at 30% off. I don't know how well this washed lambskin will last, but at $700 off retail it was worth taking my chances

    OMG 700.00 is ALOT off..I would take a chance too for that much of a discount:yes:
  8. VIP i have had experiences like that too...when we "let down" an SA we have a relationship with because a better bag comes along from another SA. What i do, is I write a very complimentary letter to Human Resources of the store, praising the SA who went to the trouble to wait on me/obtain for me/etc, the purse even though I ended up not buying it. She is thrilled, and my relationship with her is preserved. (Unless of course the SA was nasty, but assuming you and she have a relationship, this is unlikely i would guess...)
  9. I had no relationship with her until LAST NITE and she was SOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! But I could hear in her voice how disappointed she was when I be honest she sounded SO PISSED OFF and said she had to get off the phone since there was customers...
    But I will call her and order something else...
    I USUALLY like to deal with Saks in NY since I save on tax(which adds up to alot over the year on these CC items) but SOMETIMES I have to go somewhere else to find a certain bag I want to build a relationship with another SA in another store KWIM???
    What you said is a good idea with the card..I might even call monday and speak to H.R. and let them know how HELPFUL she was;)
  10. I'm glad to hear that you ordered the old caviar. Although I'm curious about the new caviar, the old caviar is just so durable We'll find out soon enough if the new caviar will hold up...

    Vip I'll take a martini please :p
  11. Vip I'll take a martini please

    1 or 2 olives:p

    BTW you are right about the NEW caviar..I am glad they found me the one we all know and LOVE:heart:

    Have you been using your brown one alot??? thats a beauty:yes:
  12. What? New caviar? I hate being stuck out here (my town) where you can't see anything.

    VIP I love your doggie.
  13. I'm anxious to try the new leather as well but I think you did the right thing and you can always get it down the road.

    I have the "old" leather for jumbo caviar and I really love it.
  14. If you are paying that much $$ for a purse to begin with, you shouldnt let $200 decide which one you buy. I always feel you should go with your gut. Your gut is usually right. You want to look at your new bag & think " wow, I am so glad I got this" not " I wonder what it would be like if I would've put out the extra 200 for the other one" Personally I like the new caviar. I know this is sac religous to say,but, I think the old caviar kinda had a plastic feel to it.
  15. I totally understand what you are saying:yes: ..When you paying this much money what is an extra 200.00...but after talking with 2 other SA's on the phone today they explained to me that it really isn't the NEW caviar.. it is a chanel line in the country line:shrugs: ....They are NOT going to STOP making the OLD caviar(The one we all know) its just another line in classic chanel...Plus they said it IS NOT AS durable and it can scratch easier.. so NOW I AM HAPPY with my choice....When I get a chance I will have to see the other caviar....