NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!! - how is EVERCALF LEATHER??? please suggest!!!!!


Feb 5, 2009
Dear All:
I've been waiting patiently to get a classic H piece, and now looks like I will be getting one soon. The issue is I was hoping to get in TOGO, but was told that it's in EVERCALF. I did some research and learned that it is softer than box.
But by looking at web pictures, I don't find many people own it.

My question is how does a EVERCALF KELLY would look like? Is it easy to maintain(scratch, rain, etc)?

All your suggestions would be very much appreciated :hugs:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jul 19, 2006
If you ask me, you are one lucky lady! :flowers: Evercalf is probably my favourite leather, buttery-soft & smooshy (well, leave the butter - more like whipped double-cream, as in sweet-chestnut vermicelli with a cognac/chocolat topping :drool:) - in short, it's a very sensual leather, much more "leather-like" than togo IMO. Not particularly scratch-prone as far as I'm aware, and will acquire a lovely patina. Perfect coupling with Kelly: you get the best of both worlds (Kellyness minus stiffness)

What's the colour??

(I have pics, but it's a totally different style (Yeoh), shall I upload them?)
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Jan 25, 2008
I had the pleasure of seeing and touching a kelly in evercalf. It was absolutely silky to the touch and I would've bought it except it wasn't my top 3 colour choices.

In my opinion, it is quite the opposite to togo. Evercalf is extremely smooth and the way it reflects light is absolutely beautiful. The same color in togo would appear deeper and muted.
Feb 18, 2008
Do you like soft buttery leathers? Do you like swift leather? I would say evercalf is close to swift, but has some texture, but is not pebbly like togo. Everycalf will be floppier and in a larger bag, will flop over. Evercalf is a lovely H leather, soft, scrumptious and very pretty. I do think evercalf wears better than swift.
Dec 15, 2008
I adore evercalf! I have an SO Kelly in it, and honestly, the first week I had it, I wanted to use it as a pillow. It will get scratched, but they rub out fairly easily, and over time, blend in.

If you were counting on a hardier leather though, I'd pass. I don't use my evercalf as roughly as I do my clemence and togo purses, but I don't baby it, either.

I agree with Friponne, evercalf is a indeed a very sensual leather.